self mutilation

that’s what its called
i guess
when one bites one’s lip
until the skin breaks
until it hurts,
obsessively … compulsively
leaving a faint trace
of a scar

you can’t see it
– the scar –
you know its there,
like – M does
he notices.
when i bite
mindlessly, numbly
… without even realising
that i am biting myself.
“its part of a thought process”
i say,
my own
masochistic gesture.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on February 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “self mutilation”

  1. i have a purple spot on my lower right bottom lip. where the blood vessels are broken.

    i think a lot of people do it.


    weed has serotonin in it the chemical in antiepressants

    maybe you should look into some remeron? that’s the weed replacement antidepressant.

  2. my mum keeps telling me to go to see a doc. i have heard of remeron. i am not surprised that weed has serotonin in it. not at all.

    the biting thing – its a comfort measure. like the adult version of sucking your thumb. ha ha.

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