seeing RED?

i rememeber thinking as a kid, ‘gee, when i reach thirtysomething i will have lotsa money.’ haha. i look ack, and that sort of thing seems so primitive, so naive, so … ill-informed. well, i was just a kid! anyway …. ah – the life of a student. i am seeing RED. oh well, its only a temporary ‘slummin’ it’ in my life/lifestyle.

i have figured it out. its a requirement – one must have a SINGLE-digit IQ in order to work for the government. the ones with the lowest IQ value work in the student loans department and also the CRA (tax agency). nothing big happening there for me, but i have heard some ridiculous stories of late that lead me to the above conclusions.

also, valentines day should be changed to ‘penis day’ because thats what most men think its all about – ‘what do i have to do on february 14th … what do i hafta give her … so i can get laid …? and maybe even get some head. wohooo …’ thats my guess as to whats really goin’ on inside the XY mind in the days that lead up to february 14th.

my nasal septum still bleeds a little when i blow my nose. the congestion is lingering, but only midly so. now i am getting tiny pieces – shreds, really – of nasal mucosa being expelled, too when i blow my nose. the incredible itchiness has passed, but it still gets irritated, a-la-sneezing 5 times in one go. all this, still, for those measley (quite paltry, really) 3 hours of buzz from that cocaine. how incredibly STUPID!

i have about $20. that has to last me/us for the week. like, ’til payday. i gotta stop buying weed for a week, i guess. its just retarded to spend one’s last money on drugs, only to have struggle merely to subsist. i can here it now, ‘sorry boss, can’t come to work today, spent my last $10 on a dime bag and got no money for bus fare.’ yeah – that doesn’t sound too great. i will not go there. plain and simple.

i am not sure i like this particular template. you know what that means, don’t you? it means CH-CH-CH-CHanges …. (can you hear that song playing inside your brain … or are those my darned voices, again?) yeah, yeah, i will be tweaking this template. i like the signature post, though …hee hee. not sure about my hack.job one though. i think maybe its too big. i will use it for a few more days and then see.

i am having a brain fart.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on February 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “seeing RED?”

  1. sounds about like the last time i ever did coke.

    coke will seriously piss you off too.

    Plus it turns your friends against you as you become a hellish being while on it and you never even realize it.

    but if it makes you feel any better, this cold i had made my nose bleed chunks too. maybe it was a bit of both in your case?

  2. yeah. coke causes your dopamine to surge … this makes a person aggressive eventually. i can see it in me, when i look back.

    also coke causes your serotonin to be released in massive surges, which is why it makes ya feel good. the crash is simply awful.

    i seriously have learned my lesson. i hope i have not alienated everyone around me. =8^(

    i think your blog needs a new look. i am pondering exactly what. something pink, for sure. maybe with elephants …

    about my weeping (ie weeping mucous-diluted blood) nose – yes i think both. but definitely the coke is mostly to blame. it just sucks the moisture from everything – the nose is so dry … urgh.

    having a good weekend, i hope?

  3. I would like something with lace elephants

    i like palest pink and sunset pink

    send me your address again

    i guess i lost it
    i will send you something this week if you do!!

  4. infini,got it. lemme see what i can cook up pour vous. and yes, i will email you my address.


    love, me.

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