a wolf and a moose

why wolf? as a child in swiss boarding school M – always the smallest – earned the nickname ‘petit loup,’ which means ‘little wolf’ in english. wolf – curious, peristent, a social creature that mates for life. i have a wolf, the love of my life … my universe.

why moose? for my 37th birthday, i requested from M only the simple gift of a stuffed animal from build-a-bear. a moose is what i received. the moose accompanied me on my very lonely sojourn in this urban wilderness. i clung to him @ night, and during many lonely times. as though moose somehow had captured part of M’s spirit to carry with me.

and that is the story of a wolf and a moose – the loves of my life.

[following is something i posted in my myspace blog, the first weekend after M’s arrival in vancouver.]

we stood in cathedral park, enjoying each other’s company (after 11 weeks apart) and also sharing a joint. we looked on, as we saw the reason the cathedral bells rang so jubilantly at 10 am on an ordinary saturday morning. a bride and her entourage poured out of the church. of course, the bride looked like a princess, in her white dress. and it occurred to me. how truly blessed am i. i did not have a princess-like wedding dress. or a princess-like wedding. that’s because i did not need any of that. i am not just princess for a day – ie my wedding day. i am adored. i am a princess every day.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on February 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “a wolf and a moose”

  1. A princess every day? Now , sugar pie, that is the most wise thang to know about yoreself…and it is true. Even iffin’ others fergit for a moment, youse still a princess.

    A’course, when ya’ write about the plank in yore eye, I knows you know that yore Daddy is THE KING..so you cain’t ever be nuthin’ but a princess forever.

    Luv your tempalte here–tres cool. I doan know nuthin’ bout code and HTML…heck, I can barely type–youse impressive.

    Take care of yoreself, honey.

  2. hey …. AB!

    nice to see you around this haunt! thanx for your kind words. you take care, too.

  3. /bark!

    im back from cali. i saw your note. what is your new email i want to write you something but i dont want to see it on the right margin. knowwhatimean?


  4. hey k9!
    woof woof.
    i hear ya.
    here’s the email addy –
    please do write …
    you are a connection
    that i do NOT want to lose.

    i see rotties around
    vancouver. ALOT.
    they all remind me
    of you, dear friend.


    love, me.

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