how i started blogging

‘alot of you have recently written posts on your 1 year blogging anniversary. i have no idea when 1 year of blogger here @ blogger exactly came, but i know it has past. i was already heavy into the blogging thing by the time k9 started – january 21, 2006. i think i started as graffiti artist sometime in december of 2005. while still nursing.

how’d i start this? how’d i get here? i ask myself this from time to time when i reflect on what blogging and internet has come to mean to me. i recall, believe it or not, when i had never heard of technorati before, when i had to continuously google ‘how to make a link’ because i could never remember … do you believe that?

its true. the person who really opened this world to me? WCH. and how’d i find him? just sitting there, spacing out, staring at that scrolling screen ‘recently updated blogs’ that used to appear on the entry page to blogger. and i saw ‘the possibilities of fire.’ and i had to check it out. and the rest? it’s history.

i first saw the terms ‘tag’ and ‘technorati’ @ WCH’s blog. and then … the code. some big long cumbersome gobbledegook you had to put in your posts to tag your posts in technorati. and eventually the code i had memorized by heart. and eventually i also had the link code memorized. and eventually caught the bug.

i discovered firefox. and that little button ‘view source.’ well … that changed everything. remember ardlair? and that nice header image he had? well … i wanted to know. just how he did that. and so i viewed his code. and voila! that is when i went from ordinary blogger … to addicted blogger … to addicted hacker AND blogger.

and then … my poor matrix of blog colleagues. they got exposed to some wild template changes as i made new discoveries. like – how to put a background image on your blog page. whit weeeee! did i have fun with that one! but, alas, my readers got dizzy. perhaps i should hand out tablets of serc when i make my template changes? lol.

and then … when i crashed into my huge 6 month burnout, effectively ending my nursing career … then i had so much time on my hands. and not much focus. and so … blogging and the bloggers of my matrix filled the void. i vented a great deal of rage, abject sorrow, despair, hostility thru blogging. i thank all those who have read and witnessed it all … and have decided to come on in here, and be a part of the next act. its fabulous. its exciting. its …. well, y’all know. i’m sure you feel it too. its what keeps you around.

i am a year away from becoming a full-fledged computer programmer-web developer. it likely would not have occurred to me to chose such an option, if not for my encounter with blogger and blogging. and, so, WCH has a spot in my heart. and, i have felt a twinge of regret that he has extinguished the flames of his beloved blog. (beloved by all of us).

but, i do understand that feeling of spinning wheels – the feeling that one is regurgitating, swallowing it, and then repeating the process. the joy of blogging … of writing … is that so much remains to be said … shared, taught. and i hope, bill, that you find your fire again. the same one you helped me find. the same one that i have breathed some life into … from some paltry dying embers.

to all who read this. even if you remain silent. thank you.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on February 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “how i started blogging”

  1. Huh,

    so lessee,

    WCH inspired you to blog
    and me
    and K9
    and then Belle
    and who else I wonder??

    We should do a tribute to Bill huh?

    I did once
    with a series of particularly impressive posts of his.

    oh well, less talking more PACKAGE!!

  2. a tribute …. he deserves somethin’ like that. y’know that a lot of us found each other on bill’s blog.

  3. i loved reading Bill…He was so polite he would even return my comments with a personal e mail…We exchanged a emails for about a week or so..about let me see…..two years ago??!!..I won’t ever forget how wonderful that conversation was..I doubt he would remember or even recall who I am..but his writings opened my eyes to a lot of things….

    I stopped reading him though when he once made a comment on how he surfed a lot of blogs one night and found the majority lacking in content…and to my understanding..not at par to his taste…I may be mistaken though..maybe I misread….

    N’ways..I do wish him well..and I found him through you…and i found k 9 through him..and from there..everyone…ye’

  4. I missed my blogs anniversary… I did think about it in Jan (the month of) but never remembered to mark it with a post.

    I still dont know what half the terms you mentioned mean(I would love to find out though… perhaps someday! lol)! I will say that even as archaic as I sm, I am still way more ‘in the know’ than 50% of my in real life friends! Scary! lol

    What I find interesting is how people come to blog, thinking it will be one thing in their life and it ends up being something totally different. Not bad, but different. I have been really fortunate that I have had such a great blogging experience. I have nothing negative to say about it… never been stalked… ridiculed.. I have been dumped though! lol but even that was a valuable experience.

    Not sure who Bill is, but I may have to have a look… to meet this inspiration! =]

    Interesting blog. I have enjoyed having a look around! Love the photos! Thanks!

  5. kate …

    nice to see you in this, my haunt! blogging and the whole internet thang – such a learning experience! there is just so much to take in, experience, learn. somehow, it changes a person.

    i did mark my 100th blog post in a previous blog … but i am not exact on when actually i started the blog thing.

    bill is wch – i think he has sort of taken a hiatus from blogging – but his blog is amazing – the link is in my ‘matrix’ of buttons (see middle sidebar) – bill’s is the link button called ‘the genius’ … he’s left the blog up for people to poke about. very interesting reading.

    take care – enjoy your weekend.

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