for my girl infini

… some EYE candy …

artwork by enayla

… and SOUL candy …

I and the shore are lovers :
The wind unites us and separates us.
I come from beyond the twilight
to merge the silver of my foam with the gold of its sand;
And I cool its burning heart with my moisture.
At dawn’s coming I read passion’s law to my beloved,
And he draws me to his breast.
At even I chant the prayer of longing,
And he embraces me.
I am fretful and without rest,
But my loved one is the friend of patience.
Comes the ebb and I embrace my love;
It flows, and I am fallen at his feet.
[an excerpt from song of the wave, written by kahlil gibran]

this poem
– particularly this, the first stanza –
reminds me of me and M.
my spirit, its fretful and without rest …
and M, my beloved,
is indeed,
the friend of patience.
M is the shore …
the silver of my fretfulness,
has merged with the gold
of his gentle patience.
how lucky i am!
and every single second
of every single hour
of every single day …
i never EVER forget this.

love to you all.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on February 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “for my girl infini”

  1. ahhh kahlil
    or as he was known in the ‘hood,
    ‘lil kahlil
    yeah, he was a good writer.

    I think i am going to start a new blog and have that template for it instead, and so then i will invite you to it…. sound good?

    it got cold again.

    funk’s creeping back
    omega 3’s are keeping it away pretty well this year

  2. sounds awesome, baby. it might be a good idea to start a new blog while you get used to the new blogger. send the invite email to my “roxanne…..” email address, k?

    its fricken COLD here, too. grrrr. the sun comes out for about 5 minutes @ a time about 3 times a day.

    i can hardly wait for the cherry blossoms. that will mean … spring.

    enjoy your weekend.

  3. hellooooooo

    about 25 total inches of snow expected over heah

    shit fire!!

    and we already got about 8 of em

    so i gots me some videos and now i am gonna “hunker down” as my mom said.

    did you get your package?

    US mail takes forever. Maybe you will get it next year!

  4. i think i will get the package next week.

    that sucks about the snow – i heard you guys got like 2 feet or somethin’ … YUCK.

    well, have a cosy time watchin’ movies.

  5. actually, I am waaaaay behind on some schoolwork

    I have this fear of not being perfect.

    it is a true drag sometimes

    esp. when i see what passes for work these days.

    But I just want to do my own personal best, and sometimes that only comes from a pressure cooker.

    today being the pressure cooker.


  6. i usually wish for a snow storm when i am behind in school work, lol. what are the chances of having a stop-the-city-completely snow storm, here on the west coast? NULL. but a girl can hope anyway, can’t she? lol.

    yeah … the perfectionist thing. i got it too, although my boys (ie having and raising them) sort of whittled that away … i’m atill pretty much a maniac like that, tho.

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