lupin and the wolf

the snow loomed heavily on the road ahead. the rockies – craggy and sugar-coated – began to take height. the road ahead – and ascent into the heavens. how much closer to heave could one get? as his neurons executed that thought, his eyes spotted something quite remarkable. just as he looked out the window to see the distant, now darkened sunset, he saw it. a wolf. standing at the edge of the pine brush, basking in the glow of the almost full moon. the wolf wore a coat of brindled gray. and sported a large, bushy tail. lupin knew it could not be a fox. a fox … its far smaller than a wolf. and …. a fox … does not live nocturnally. no one else in the van saw the wolf. only lupin. and he wondered. just what that meant.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on March 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “lupin and the wolf”

  1. Nice description, goes well with photo.

  2. You got it!!!!!!

    you gotta tell me if you like, and what you like.


  3. oh man! im jealous!


  4. paul – hi! and thanx … inspiration for the ‘story’: my husband was travelling to some alpine/mt towns in BC (work trip) and described seeing this wolf, on the ride home.

    i thought it quite fitting, that someone who has always been known as the wolf, is the only one to see the real, wild wolf!

    infini – will tell you. have not sampled everything yet, tho!

    hey … chickory … how r u?

  5. uuuuuuuu…..

    felt like I was there lookin’ at Lupin’ lookin’ at the wolf..and lookin’ at the wolf lookin’ back at Lupin…

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