tree of dreams – reprise

“these plants, when they are growing, are not mixed up with anything. they aren’t trying to become a rose or the poplar tree that is sheltering them, or anything else. they’re just what they are. now people – we get confused. we get mixed up with things, and when we do, we tend to lose our way. we get all wrapped around something, like a vine, and we think its the truth. we think its the truth because its bigger than we are, maybe we think its better than we are, because we are not worthy. its like a parasite living off of something. instead of two trees standing in the same shade, we become interlocked, interwoven with ideas that don’t belong to us, teachings that don’t belong to us.”

“but to learn … sometimes you have to wrap around something to learn it, don’t you?”

“there are two ways to wrap around something. one way is to suck it dry like a parasite that lives off of its host until the host is dead. and then what does it have? nothing. it usually dies. that’s one way. the other way is to be of service.”

~yet another excerpt from the book~

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on March 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “tree of dreams – reprise”

  1. I want to think about this…what’s written here…how can I unlock….I will be back..

  2. its interesting, ain’t it? i will write more about this — as soon as i get a chance to sit and read more of that book! its so filled with wisdom, such simpple wisdom.

    unwrapping oneself from elements external – that’s so key, i think.

    enjoy your weekend, and take care of those hands! (you’re mama ain’t gonna give ya anuther pair, sweetems!! lol).

    ciao …. =8^)

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