i had a dream

i dreamt that my ‘real’ programming instructor came back from india, where he has been these past 6 weeks, burying his father. i dreamt that the substitute would not be here today. honest to betsy! that’s my story. and … so i mosey into school today, and who do i see, sitting in his desk? my ‘real’ programming instructor. in the flesh. i had no idea when he would return. or that yesterday was going to be the last time i ever see that other dude. no clue.

*can we please play the spooky twilight zone muzik?*

i seriously think i am mildly psychic or somethin. maybe most of youse think that’s bull crap. i’m not so sure. i think the paranormal exists. in some form. this sort of stuff happens to me a lot. too much for coincidence to take full responsibility.

i have some things rattling around in my head … heart.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on March 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “i had a dream”

  1. happens to me all the time, s’why i started the dream blog… but then i had all these telephone dreams, which means a friend is dead i think… and i stopped writing them down.

    did you like you music?

    sucky day today

    the senate tried to slay me.

  2. I believe in psychic powers. Some have them; some don’t. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you did.

  3. infini – ides of march. aha. you survived. still listening … like it so far, what i’ve listened to.

    enemy – i remember being a little girl and hearing my mum answer the phone sometimes and just know who was on the other end (of course no caller id back then). she did that a lot. and they’d always be surprised – ‘how’d you know it was me?’ and i’d hear her say ‘i just knew.’

    re: the dream. you know the really wierd thing about that? is my instructor was not expected back until monday. he actually returned to work early. it amuses me, still, to think about that. it was such a clear vision. me, who typically does not recall dreams.

  4. Me too…just like you! Knowing who was on the phone, or who the call was for- and dreams about people I didn’t know…or hadn’t seen in ages-
    and then I’d get a call about them, or see them.

    Two weeks ago I was vaccuming my house and all of a sudden thoughts of my sister in the mountains popped into my head. I was thinking about her, and her home- an apartment…and I wanted her to buy something, but it didn’t work out…blah, blah, blah…
    Anyway- my other sister (the local one) calls about 15 minutes later to tell me that our other sister was trying to close on a house.
    I had no idea she was even trying to buy anything.
    She had just moved into her appt 3 months ago.

    It was almost as if I knew what was going on in her life- like I got an inside scoop about her through the universe…
    and this is not the first time.

    No matter how often it happens- it always surprises me. πŸ™‚ I think it wise to be in awe of the power of the Universe. πŸ™‚

    Hope all is well with you- I’ve thought of you often here lately, and I am trying to get caught up on email, mail, the blog- oh, and LAUNDRY! πŸ™‚

  5. ah’..yes…

    I one posted about this co teacher who claimed to have been hearing e give a lecture for an hour when I was actually in the coffee shop across the street at the exact time she was hearing me…

    well..she leaves the school and stops dead on her tracks upon seeing me in the cafe.. I asked her what the matter was..( she looked ashen)..and she says “you can’t be here..coz’ I just left you there”…( pointing to the direction of school building)…

    dream of stuff too..then something happens that fully connects with the dream…

    I believe we all have some sort of power…only some more pronounced than others..I’ve always viewed you as some sort of mystic…I haven’t seen you in the flesh..haven’t heard your voice..but this is how your energy translates to me…this is my vision of you…mystic..

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