thinking blogger award?

annie bluesky named my blog tweak as one of the blogs that make her think. thank you annie!

here is my list of blogs that make (or have made) me think:

  1. cruel virgin
  2. sparring k9 & gone native
  3. original faith
  4. possibility of fire
  5. it is my heart

~ all of you on my list (ie mantissa’s matrix in the sidebar) make me think – that’s why i read y’all. but i could only pick 5. and so those are the 5 blogs that have had the greatest impact on me as a thinking blogger.~

all y’all deserve an award!

(pssssssst – i just gotta mention ardlair and auntie belle as honourable mentions …. anyone who has had the great fortune to come across these two bloggers knows why!)



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~ by frizzyscissorhands on March 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “thinking blogger award?”

  1. /bark bark bark

    grrrrrrrrl i just popped in to say hey and look what i found. a howl out! thanks so much. i want you to know i have been meaning to write you a note but i am insane busy. hopefully, this week i can return to blogging and answering email/ remind me to tell you about my gig as a “limo driver”….okay, so it was a “town car” but thats what i was….i even got to wear the cap.


  2. nice to hear from ya! i can hardly wait to hear the story sometime soon. i figured you were up to your eyeballs in …. life. i have been waiting another post from chickory so patiently …. i am sure i’m not the only one!

    look forward to hearing from you … keep on keepin’s on!

  3. I love Enemy’s blog!…So true..she does make me think..a lot…about things I’ve never considered before…I learn a lot…

    Auntie Bell is dear…though I have to read again and again in order to fully comprehend what she is saying…English is not my first language and though I think I am quite adept..there are times when I have to read over in order to understand the context of what is written…She’s funny and connects sweet with me…

    K9 reads like a friend and gone native is like a painting of words..I like that…

    You help me increase my stock of words…and the style you carry is riveting. I especially hold in memory your early blogging of stories..the novels…the inner introspections…haunting and so alive…

  4. ha! english is my first language and somtimes i don’t get the dialectic way she writes some stuff.

    thanx for your kind words ….

    happy monday.

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