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the post previously located here has moved – new home here, complete with comments. i wrote the post @ home, actually, instantaneously on hearing dubya utter the words ‘now is not the time.” the words i wrote in the RANT post gushed from my subconscious – no censor, no social niceities. just pure, unadulterated humanity flowing tubulently on a stream of consciousness. you know – the velvet acid tongue kind. her voice crept into that post without my realizing it right away.

velvet’s voice has a place in this world … though most people view ith as much affection as they view a barbed wire cuddly toy. i have full awareness of this, just so youse all know. when martin tells roxanne she’s as cuddly as a jelly fish – he’s describing velvet. to those of you ‘new’ to this blog and to me … you have no clue WTF i’m talking about. those who have blogged with me from the beginning, or several months, anyhow … know what i mean. i have contemplated giving velvet her own space – but she’s too wild … she needs to be framed somehow so the logic and sentiment of her message shine thru all her gothic darkness.

i stand by my rant. the message begs expression. over and over. and over. again. however, that’s not my role. me – mere citizen of the universe – i’m not on some crusade mission to change the way other think, feel or believe. i’m on a living mission. that’s more than just inhaling, exhaling, ensuring my heart’s constant and stable electrical activity and verifying existence of some level of cognitive capacity. that – that’s just existing. no – i mean to LIVE. the victims of VT (and i say there are 33, not 32, but 33 victims) i must honour. asking why …. getting outraged … that’s how i chose to honour these individuals @ that time. there’s something else …. something more artistic and asthetic that’s fermenting – when its reached completion you will all see it here.

@ any rate – one cannot change the world. one can merely change the way in which one responds to his/her surroundings. so perhaps this means acknowledging that we all face anguish and destruction with a different spirit. and that some questions one asks @ the height of rhetorical outrage … never wanting an answer (because none exists) – just wanting to cry out to the universe – much like jesus did during the last seconds of his mortal life on that cross.

so – there you have it. i have moved the post, wanting to preserve this blog – the doe’s refuge – for more peaceful, serene, contemplative writing. FYI.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on April 19, 2007.

9 Responses to “this post has moved”

  1. sigh

    each state makes it’s own laws
    (so far)
    Virginia determines that outpatients like Cho can still legally own and purchase firearms.

    even glocks.


    that may change.

    by the way, there was another shooting spree today in Texas.

    Nobody was hurt.
    (I don’t think)

  2. RM: When someone legally markets a gun that arms itself and actively goes in search of victims, I will agree that we have a gun problem. Until then, we have a people problem. If that were not the case, then Washington DC, with it’s horrendously restrictive gun control laws, would have almost no gun violence. As it is, the situation is horrid. Your advocating treating of a symptom. That can have it’s place, but I don’t think destroying a right is the way to address it.

    Oh, and it really isn’t productive to ask “Who needs a (fill in the blank).” There is almost no one in America (and most of the world for that matter) that does not have more of something than they need, whether it is food, money, stuff, etc.

    Sufficiently free of PC BS?

  3. gary –

    i ask the questions i ask. its my mind, my blog. please – do not come here judging the ‘productivity’ of a blog post i described ‘rant’ in the title. i suppose i could say what i like to call ‘smart ass’ comments do not seem productive to me – however thats seems pointless.

    as far as needing. well, that man who lives in rural south africa needs that uzi stashed under his bed, because he’s going to blow someone’s fucking head off if they walk thru the door unannounced. that’s the environment there. kill get killed. no other choices.

    is that the sort of culture americans embrace? kill or get killed? if americans need that glock or if they think owning something with the capacity to produce instant death/maiming is ok … then that answers my question.

    you speak of semantics, with your quip of a gun that goes in search of its victims. and … miss my point. the gun SYMBOLIZES the destructive force in the culture. and its one among many symbols of destruction in said culture. however, one that lately, has gotten much screen time.

    why is it that other western countries, with no such right (as if its truly a right in any sense, other than some delusional one … IMHO) have such violence and destruction embedded into their culture?

    switzerland, a country in which every male between the age of 18 and 45, owns a firearm and knows how to operate same, has among the lowest violent crime rates in the western world. interesting, ain’t it? quite, i think. the difference btw usa and switzerland is that desire to destroy …. either directly, or thru the media … does not exist.

    i don’t expect you to get my point of view. in fact, i don’t expect most people. but … i express it anyhow.

  4. infini – utterly amazing. a mentally ill person, who has expressed homicidal ideation of the mass kind in writing gets a semi automatic weapon. what else … but a mass shooting spree … could be the result of such an event? i mean … honestly? or – maybe i am not supposed to be asking that question?

    so — do y’all let pedophiles work in toy stores, too?

    yup. i heard about the one in houston, in the nasa complex. shots fired, never heard anything about if there were any casualties.

  5. RM:
    Your blog. Your questions. Quite right. Are you saying that you post these because you don’t want comments? I know some people do. If that’s the case, I won’t comment on anything else listed as a “rant.”

  6. “ya’ll”?!


  7. she … grrrherhaha, indeed

    gary – just don’t like the feeling i get when someone comes to my blog to judge me. i think differences in opinion can be expressed without antagonism … is all.

    agreeing to disagree … often its the best course of action. believe me, i have learned this the hard way.

    regards …

  8. RM: I truly was not trying to be judmental of you, but of the words you expressed. You seem to place a lot of in symbols. I do to an extent, but I would much rather evaluate someone by their words, and your words seemed a challenge to me to everyone who believed that guns played little part in the outcome, or who believed that the presence of students armed for their own protection could have made a positive difference.

    You said that you thought this was the time for questions. What do you think would help the situation? Do you believe we should base national gun policy on the actions of a disturbed individual? These are not intended as “smart ass” questions. I really want to know.

  9. RM: In the spirit of fairness, I don’t think you should complain out being judged when your blog features lines like:

    “GUNS KILL. THE END. no exceptions. no excuses. and don’t be a smart-ass by tellin me that trite line ‘guns don’t kill, people do.’ that’s fucking semantics, and you know it! a gun represents a desire to destroy. anyone who owns a gun, does so with that purpose in mind. killing = killing.”

    A more judgemental line would be very difficult to find. For some people, guns represent memories of family times together. For others, even in America, a gun represents the ability to protect themselves and their familes. The courts have ruled time and time again that we have no “right” to government protection. If that’s the case, then basically it is on each of us to be able to protect themselves, and in some areas of the country that means a gun. (BTW – I don’t own a gun, don’t hunt, am not a member of the NRA. I simply believe in the constitution.)

    If you don’t want to feel judged, that’s fine. But when you come out imposing judgements, don’t be offended when others return comments in kind.

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