@ this moment …

i FEEL the light …
– oh, just perhaps –
it means i’m emerging
from this darkness?

i’m ok.
i got thru
the hell of hades
… so i feel – today
[each day belongs to itself]

how’d i get there?
not sure –
my own, innate mood aberration?
sudden withdrawl?
(yes – i have quit … my body is sick … but my mind – its well, and sharp)

relationship stress?

i can hardly believe its thursday
i’ve lost 2 days to my demons

and now …
i’m dancing just as fast as i can
to complete a 45 hour course
in 20 hours!



~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 4, 2007.

One Response to “@ this moment …”

  1. well … if anyone cares … i did it! completed that 45 hour course – “database concepts” (really a fancy title for learning how to design a big-ass fancy-schmancy database with some bullshit microsoft [YUCK! I HATE MICROSOFT!] software) – in 15 hours.

    now i am tired. i wanted to do laundry … dig up some weeds … plant some tomatoes, chives, petunias … but … i cannot drag myself off this couch. well, maybe just for a qwik trip to the dollar store … maybe.

    fyi – clean for 5 days. yeaay me.

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