a breathtaking dance

… for chickory – a kindred spirit …

[pssst FYI – the music is ‘mummer’s dance’ by loreena mckennitt, who happens to originally come from morden, manitoba – a small menonnite town just an hour or two from my hometown]

pssssssst – if you go to the original youtube page and view this in full screen, you will see the complete magic of this clip. enjoy it …!


~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “a breathtaking dance”

  1. gotta
    love loreena


  2. indeed …

    how’s things in your neck o’ the woods these days, /t. …?

  3. spring
    is sprung
    everything is green

    we’re only about 2 months behind you coasters

    btw, you need to fix loreena’s name in your post (a typo)

    did you get email?


  4. yes! yes i did. just listening to some of the tunes … kewl. thanx …

    ahh .. spring … i would like it to stop raining long enuf for me to get some weeds outta the ground and some tomatoes, chives, etc into the ground … soon .. soon it will happen.

    enjoy your weekend!


  5. GRRRRRRRL! how perfect of a gift is this??? as i prepare the sketches for my show i am in a wolfen state of mind as Freya! and look what you did. a thousand wags to you red doe. a million. you are a good friend!

    you know, i have given myself a limited vocabulary of images to compose with: the wolf, the stag, the pup, ice, auroras, swords, diamonds, black forest,fishes behind eyes, frozen pools….blah bla blah

    how weird i would have this sort of artic like world down here in the gnat belt?

    i am making an accordian “take away” book for the show…and if anybody cares they can go to freyas and read that story.

    i like loreena too.

    thank you.

  6. magnificent…

    they all look so…


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