irrelevant, rhetorical, cynical questions

things i just wonder today …

1. re: queen of the north sinking

finally … after alot of sitting on their thumbs and rotating … bc ferries has done what’s long overdue – fired the asses of the three crew members in charge of the deck when said ferry slammed into gill island @ full speed and sunk, killing 2 people. what took so long … ? bureaucrats justifying their pathetic existence, no doubt.

still … despite the fact that 2 peopled died when this ferry sank a little over a year ago … the public has yet to find out the full truth of what exactly happened. 3 crew members – one wonders WTF could’ve distracted them so much that they let a fucking ferry slam into an island. hmmmm – i’m just hypothesizing here … but two male and one female crew member(s) … geeee I WONDER what they could’ve possibly been doing!?? (hint – rhymes with duck, perhaps? just guessing … since no one who knows wants to talk … guess ‘josephine public’ just gotta make up her own theory, right?)

2. re: shane doan

why do federal bloc quebecois politicians – ie the bloc is that political party that only runs candidates in quebec and established itself on a separatist platform – give a shit who the fuck represents canada @ the world hockey championships? like – did i miss the memo that came out, saying nationalism’s a fucking grand standing tool we can use to gain political points? since when do the separatists give a shit about canada? ha … i scoff.

3. re: the vancouver canucks finish the season

duh! did anyone out there think that luongo – truly a stellar goalie – could win the fucking series all by himself? like – 56 saves later … c’mon guys – as don cherry said once – ‘don’t forget to give those skates back to your sister, kid.’

4. re: 7,000 cruise ship tourists disembark from 4 cruise ships in downtown vancouver @ THE SAME TIME and they’re pissed off they can’t get cabs.

WTF?? could any city meet such a demand? gimme a break. and while we’re on the topic – who the fuck planned this? 4 cruise ships all docking @ the same time? get real. and yeah … locals can’t even get cabs (many cabbies ILLEGALLY refuse to take locals from downtown to the suburbs late @ night, leaving them stranded), so why should we feel for those 7,000 tourists who are pissed they waited 2 hours for a fucking cab?

oh … so does this make vancouver a world class city now? does this mean we’re ready for the 2010 olympics? hahahahahaha! i laugh. as a lowly, buspass-holding, walking, i-don’t-own-a-car and i-don’t-take-cabs vancouverite … i laugh.

i cynically am waiting for ‘cash-strapped’ translink to magically come up with $ to make the skytrain (i.e. subway) a 24 hour service – just in time for the olympics. FUCK THE OLYMPICS!

now … if only we could find a bus or some large freight hauler to move all those unsightly homeless people and street junkies to mission or some other quiet, outtatheway place so’s the VERY IMPORTANT olympic crowd won’t hafta see the third world that’s rapidly developing in vancouver … hmmmm.

5. so … does giving up pot make me healthier?

i have traded in my rolling papers and pot grinder for a package of cyanide sticks (i.e. cigarettes). does this make me a ‘better’ person? apparently. does it make me healthier. well, who knows … considering the science says that pot is less harmful than both ETOH and nicotine. and more addictive. hmmmph.

[don’t get me wrong … i’m glad to be off the stuff … just – appreciating the irony of the whole situation].

6. do i give a shit that paris hilton’s going to jail? am i supposed to? why is that newsworthy?

7. re: kim basinger and pamela bach

why, oh why, are ex wives such BITCHES? get a clue girls … and get the fuck over yourselves! and stop using your kids like some fucking pawns in a chess game. that just makes you pathetic and sad.

8. why does anyone think 12 degrees and sunny = shorts and flip flips weather? i mean, really?

9. why is there $ for the provincial politicians to get a 29% pay raise … and there’s no money for things like, oh, say – affordable housing, addictions programs, health care …? just wondering how that accounting works. did i miss the math lesson?

ok. i think that’s it. that’ s what i wonder.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “irrelevant, rhetorical, cynical questions”

  1. we had the olympics in 96 and people were so pissed at atlanta. there were people who got contracts to do things they didnt have a clue as to how to do it, it was hotter’n hades and crowded beyond belief. terrible for the residents.

    as to the audio and video terrorism re: ex wives

    i figure if i am planning on doing anything wrong i should get in a dark closet, perform a bug sweep, and proceed. because it looks like a video camera is parked in every conceivable corner ready to catch you at your worst or ugliest

    woe to you lil children in the age of schadenfreude

  2. well said, as usual chickie …

    i am just so cynical about the fact that all these things – ie expansion of the subway line to the airport, repair the long-scary (it caved in just a month or so ago in one spot!) third-worldish highway that runs btw vancouver and whistler, to name just two – seems to be happening now just because of the fucking olympics, despite residents’ long cry for same for sooooo many years.

    every time i hear of a new capital expansion project that will be ready by 2009/2010 … and every time i hear of that moratorium on construction that will occur during the olympics … GRRRRRRRRR … it pisses me OFF!

    my son – who’s 21, but oh-so-wise – turned to me the other day and said ‘mum, just think how much money the government could make if they helped all the homeless people get back on their feet.’

    indeed. outta the mouthes of babes comes the brightest wisdom. perhaps there’s hope for the world, in the form of the next generation? i feel so – from where i sit.

    and yes …. in this age of schadenfreude, the walls have eyes and ears, don’t they?

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