about a girl

taken by ‘mon petit loup’ in jasper national park … just outside the town of jasper, on the side of the highway. kewl, huh? yes … he risked almost getting charged by this lovely aminal just to get these great shots. the music is “Tall Cotton” by Count Basie (what other, more appropriate musik could i set to this slideshow?)

i think she’s totally cute … sorta reminds me of a llama … and … YUP … you guessed it – I WANT ONE. i want my very own elk. hey – i could promote her as the environmentally friendly way to lawn care … think it would work? i mean, ya think any of the neighbours would buy my story? lol … ok. likely not. or maybe i could ride her to work? do you think elks like to be saddled up? haha! ok … probably not. but … i still want her for a pet … i suppose i’d settle for a mini schnauzer, though … or maybe just a few more houseplants, for now.

in other news … i’m 10 days’ clean. i often feel as johnny cash described himself … The Beast in Me … alas … the frail and fragile bars have held so far. the smell of everything (particularly food) makes me wanna barf … and i can only eat spicy ginger beef without feeling completely icky. i think this will pass. (i cannot imagine how horrid it must feel like to kick a heroine habit … honestly.)

we planted some tomatoes and hot peppers and geraniums in our l’il garden patch … bought some houseplants … and – most important of all – ‘mon petit loup’ returned himself to me. no woman could feel happier. i am TIRED, though – gettin’ a l’il too old to cognate productively on 4 hours of sleep!

wishing you all a great, productive week.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 7, 2007.

7 Responses to “about a girl”

  1. Mantissa, I took myself from the Spilled blog.

    The “something about him” post did the trick.

  2. dear piktor … so sorry to hear that! i read the ‘offending post’ … and i understand. we all have our creative limits … and i respect yours and your forthrightness for saying so. all the same … i hope you will continue to visit susan’s CV blog … and you are welcome here anytime … i promise i will make some time soon to poke around your world some more … i have only just begun to know you … but i sense you are a treasure …

    peace …. and i wish you a good week.

    roxanne, aka mantissa

  3. Mantissa, my issue is with low-road pedantry and muck throwing all around.

    Susan is a great blogger and I’m a fan of her’s.

    This particular CJ is not my cup of tea. I cannot see how I would be proud to tell anyone I was associated with someone so crass as him, nor could I tell anyone to visit that blog knowing he posts there.

    I have only contempt for that kind of gratuitous crap.

    Thanks for your friendship. I will visit regularly. You are with Susan my favorite bloggers and also Itkupilli.

    I do visit but your posts and they impress me so deeply I feel my dumb comments will dispell the magic you create here and your other blogs.

  4. piktor …

    i understand what you’re saying.

    i, too, am a ‘fan’ of susan. i feel she and i are somewhat kindred spirits.

    thank you, piktor, for your kind words. i sense, sometimes, that i leave people wondering what to say/comment with some of my serious deep poetic etc posts.

    the contributions of others, via comments, adds to the magic …i think (with the exception of trolls, which – knock on wood – seem not to bother with me … ;^])

    btw – your comments could never be ‘dumb,’ my friend.

  5. pssst!….if you ever have an elk..and I come visit Canada..will you let me pet her eh?

    A huggy’ here for being ten days clean..yeeehah!..am’ happy for you…

    it’s midnight nere..needz’ to sleep…

    thinking of you…

    hm’..I can still remember when you were Mad Malva….

  6. hey … luxie ….

    of course … of course i would!

    hee hee.

    thanx for the thoughts … i often find my thoughts drifting toward you, as well, my friend.

    i, too, recall all the pseudoynyms i’ve so far had … and y’know? i keep track of all the urls of the past blogs i’ve had … lol. its weird to go back a visit those people that were … me …

    i ask myself, sometimes ‘how many more are in there, with me?’


    didja see the wolf video? its one past back from this one. do, please visit it. you will NOT regret it. in fact, you may well find yourself falling in love with it … its a lovely portrayal of wolves set to musik.

    wishing you a great week and a lovely may … i will pay u a visit soon.

    love, me

  7. You know..your past blogs are special to me because I link it with so many things that went on in my life I don’t write about…I had a great time reading your stories and revelations and frustrations..I’d even look up a few words (lol!!)..then..I remember like we had Ben then..and some guy named Mark who drifted away…then there was someone else I don’t wanna’ mention…then I remember I was still teaching kids at that time and you were heavy into nursing stuff and you’d tell about it…I kinda’ understood through your writings what nurses had to put up with and go through emotionally…my sister in law is a new nurse..I hope she will have the bravery to stand up and confront what you had to..which I know she will be faced with…she’s goin’ to NYC in some big hospital…i really hope she knows what she’s doing…

    goin’ back to your blog..yeh’..i remember I lived in a different house then..I didn’t have internet at that time so blogged from a cafe …then I moved..had dial up…then moved..then moved…now I have 5 computers here..wired and all that coz’ I work from home…I do corporate communication trainings..

    I’m rambling…I wish you were here..I’m in the mood to share a beer and talk about blogging history and what went on…in cyber land interposed with meatspace life.. can’t talk about that to anyone here..not anyone..and snootz’ not one of my friends will understand…gawd’..lol!

    You’d laugh to the moon if you get hear my stories..hee!hee!

    aaaah’..zee bloggy’ past…I’ll hunt down your old blogs to reminisce..hee!hee!

    will watch video now..

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