blogging: narcisstic hypocrisy

WTF?? where did y’all go? like, how’d ya expect to get any blog visitors, if ya never visit any? well. we all make time for what’s important, don’t we? yes, indeed. and … just so you know, i – unlike the rest of the known blogosphere – don’t have big brother on my fucking blog site tracking every hit it gets. in my eyes, if you don’t comment, you don’t exist. since i never know if you’ve even read this shit or not.

well, one doesn’t make comments in the blogs of others to get comments in one’s own. and yeah … when i go to your page and pour some of my thought into a comment you could have the fucking decency to respond to it! in the past week, @ least twice my lengthy, well composed and thoughtful comments just got ignored … in a sea of others whose comments got acknowledged. is there some message y’all are sending me, by ignoring me? this passive aggressive stuff is so lame! well, i don’t have the time nor the inclination to sit here and psychoanalyze you all. and frankly i’ve become convinced that you’re all liars posing as nice people and so who the fuck cares what any of you think. however, it would be nice, for those of you whom i visit regularly to have the decency to acknowledge my page and the work that goes into making look the way it does.

that also means taking the 2 minutes required to read the fucking post AND COMMENT INTELLIGENTLY ON SAID POST when i’ve gone to your blog and kindly ASKED YOU TO! once again, how flipping rude to just get dissed and ignored like this time after fucking time. and, yeah, i have an email address if you wanna socialize, write the mindless dribble to that … and reserve comment space for RESPONDING TO POST CONTENT!!

or perhaps you’re just too fucking cowardly to respond to the stuff i write? yes … well i know that most of you are that – cowards. well … @ any rate, it all makes me think this is one big narcissist’s fest in which the word friend gets bandied around meaninglessly.

well, yeah i’m pissed off. can you tell? and so i’m boycotting everyone. fuck you all … until i get some sort of acknowledgement. and i’m certainly not holding my breath. its not like i was part of the cheerleading squad in high school. and you’re all just a bunch of egocentric cheerleaders. i’m simply sick and tired of hypocrites who say one thing and do another. and that’s pretty much the entire fucking human race.

anyone with human DNA can just fuck off. and … i’ll bet right now no one who reads this has the balls to comment. haha … its all so transparent. this whole fucking humanity is all so transparent. and disappointing.

EDIT: ok. its just after 14.00 hours here, @ the time of this writing. and … maybe you’re (you = collective humanity) not all that bad. in fact, a few of you still seem worthy of breathing my air space and sharing my ozone layer, even. that’s on some real thoughful reflection and about 4.5 hours’ more sleep. still, i do think we all get so wrapped up in our own petty microcosms that we forget ~ the world ever turns ~ people surround us ~ who knows for how long? complacency, schadenfreude, the glamourous , yet vulgar dumbing down of western humanity ~ it all sickens me … and it wakens the sleeping devil inside me.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 16, 2007.

14 Responses to “blogging: narcisstic hypocrisy”

  1. Mantissa, love your rant.

    I don’t know why other people don’t comment or why your comments don’t get a reply or whatever.

    In my blog sometimes I reply to the comments and sometimes I don’t read the comments for no particular reason. I have seen in the blogosphere that visual arts posts dont get replies by the blog author or they do for no reason I can find.

    Do not worry if you don’t get replies or comments. Your blogs are really good and for your enjoyment and for others to lurk and whatever.

    If you really wanna get your shop cooking you have to network, promote your blog by commenting like crazy on other’s blogs.

    I blog because I like how the stuff I put up looks.

    Let me give you an example of my shameless self-promotion:

    I did this today as a reply to Susan’s Tarot post

  2. WOW!!!That was an explosion! You surely can write! I envy that. I myself write so boring posts and with dullest school English. I must come here to learn fucking cool words. Oops! I wish I could write more like that. I can do it only in Finnish!
    It’s easier to comment to blogs, where are very ordinary topics going on. Something blaa blaa blaa. Everybody can cry and criticize. And I’ve noticed that the blogs , with social porn are most liked.

  3. piktor – as always … you have something positive to say. i thank you ~ i suppose not ALL of humanity falls under the category of disappointment!

    i used to spend hours and hours visiting blogs, reading carefully their words, and commenting. my links list/blogroll was way long in previous blogs i have had.

    but, alas, i think its just another form of politics for most people. who knows why some blogs explode and others – which may seem equally as well presented/well written – just remain empty?

    i have noticed, in my 1.5 years of blogging, that bloggers tend to ignore those who don’t regurgitate the exact things, sentiments, energies they wish to hear/read. and many bloggers are what i will call ‘care bears’ ~ they only wanna partake of the positive, blaa blaa blaa posts.

    it honestly just makes me think of school ~ and how the popular group existed and then all the rest, who may well have been just as worthy, if only people could get passed their shallowness to acceptance of differences, etc.

    indeed, i too blog because i feel like it .. its an art form for me … its a way of purging … my blogs are, collectively, a true reflection of my Self. i suppose what i should do is just go and read the posts of the few blogs i do still read … and not comment there, but write my own posts. why line everyone else’s blogs with my comments … if reciprocation will not occur?

    i think for many bloggers out there, their purpose is more shallow – blogging is something they do when they are @ the office, pretending to be working … but really just ‘fucking the dog’ (FYI – an idiomatic, slang expression we use here – means ‘doing absolutely nothing’). and i think there are others who just blog to play out their fantasies – ie they are not who they purport to be – just phonies/fakes.

    and then it makes me wonder what i always wonder … when i find myself in a group of humans: ‘what’s real? what’s bullshit?’

    further to visual arts posts .. i find you are right … and poetry also does rarely get appreciated or intelligently commented upon, and frankly i believe its b/c people just don’t have a clue where to begin … unless there’s a remote control or a button to click … humans simply aren’t interested in discussing existence, spirit, and the guts of life – despair, anger, love … etc – in any meaningful way.

    it disappoints me … i have been so busy with school this week … i am getting caught up – i will poke around your blog and check that post of yours.

    kindest regards, you are a great energy force ~ a most welcome element to this blogosphere. thanx for reading and commenting.


  4. *itkupilli* ~ thanx so much for reading and taking the time to comment … you’re cool and i will check out your blog very soon, as well.

    social porn! i love it! love that expression. i laughed out loud (sitting here in the computer lab @ computer programmer school) when i read that phrase.

    i interpret your use of the word to go beyond the common definition – i interpret social porn in a sort of metaphorical way … as in like the writer does here

    i know the site to which that link will take you is sort of unwieldy-looking … but if you read the article you will find some nuggets there. such as:

    “…the eyes of very small children who are forever looking for their next source of distraction, entertainment or a sweeet taste in their mouth.”

    @ the risk of repeating myself … i will just say, you are one ‘kewl’ girl …

    kindest regards 🙂

  5. Hey thanks Mantissa. You write so cool. I will come here to learn to be cool, too. I really like you. 🙂

  6. Mantissa, this blog in particular is so loaded with beauty and depth.

    What you write is so above average and your mind is so clear it is intimidating.

    You keep saying you will visit my blogs but I have no idea if you do or don’t.

    You are one of the best writers I’ve encountered. You should lurk around literary blogs and invite them guys over.

  7. *itkupilli* … you make me laugh …


    piktor – touché, i suppose … but alas – school work has kept me from much … tonight i will visit … you will always know if i visit your blog – i leave a comment – like my paw print, so to speak. why ever would anyone take the trouble of finding out the url, reading, possibly re-reading if they like it … and then not saying anything? i know many do it … but it seems illogical … like energy gone to waste, in a sort of way … IMHO. feel free to disagree, anyone …

    ta ta for now …

  8. I’ve been where your at with comments. I wrapped my pea sized brain around this very topic till my head ached. I put some nice little code in my template for folks to easily give me their address so I can respond and one doesn’t have to keep going back to see if I left a response as that gets old FAST.

    I also enrolled in Hackospheres one click, which by the way works well if people would just click to allow email on profile. For fucks sakes people get an addy just for blog correspondence. Not referring to you.

    Let us test one click or the other cool little pink box I have for comments.

    Fruitless. I gave up

  9. janet – thanx for stopping by … try as i might … i don’t get it either. oh well, people are people i guess. 🙂

  10. Hey again. I tell you, that usually I get a little bit confused if somebody has many blogs. (I have 4) heh heh.
    But now I’ve almoust concentrated to one.
    I though it’s clever to have diffrent sites to things. Like first I had my art, then I pt my thoughs to an other blog. No one was interested about that. No I have my art and thoughts at same blog…not every grows yet, but some interest though.
    And ‘coz we are whole, you can’t separate one part.
    I would suggest, that turn this blog more interesting. But you art here to illustrade your thoughts. I looked to your other blogs, there was fantastic things.
    Sorry I might have horrible writing, but I’m so eager with this, I see your potential.

  11. Mantissa, thanks for your comment on the Purgatory Buzz.

    Will let you know when something “good” appears.

  12. *itkupilli* … good thoughts and thanx for them … i have sort of gone between combining blogs and separating them out … i sort of keep the different subject areas seperate because of the energy they generate … but i change stuff around, too. your writing is fine …

    piktor … nice to see you … liked your blogs.

  13. wow…
    i comment, you know i do.

    i am in the middle of finishing final papers all this week, almost done, and then i start summer session.

    but for one week or so i will be totally free to blog and catch up on my commenting.

    i do like the way your page looks
    i like the little knoll and wandering grasshopper.
    too cute, love it.

    anyway, i sometimes just leave a pithy comment to say hello, just to let you know i was here. can’t always comment in depth, you know? Seems better to just say hello than not say anything.

    well, back to the paper writing.

  14. infini~

    yeah yeah … i know … really. you’re cool, girl. its … oh just so many people are phoney and superficial … it annoys me.

    good luck with your papers. school is keeping me busy … but its all good.

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