the problem with republicans?

“i just figured out what the problem is with the american republican party … the country they wanna run is fictional.”

– jon stewart – 16.05.07

one burning questions i have:
why the FUCK does sex hafta sell and/or promote every single fucking thing out there?

~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “the problem with republicans?”

  1. Hey Mantissa, I noticed one thing…this has happened here at your blog before. I have no idea what to say.

    It could be sometimes, that I have difficulties to undertand your english, but now it’s not that.

    I like commenting, and I don’t understand why some people are so mingy with their words.

    BTW do you know anyone, who’s not interested in sex?

    And million thank visiting me!!!!:)

  2. yeah … this post sort of stands on its own … i heard the line (first part of post) and laughed out loud … so its just some cynical comedic relief … for those who are into USA politics and bush/republican bashing …

    and … of course … i even know a man or two who does not live governed by his penis … his gonads … every second of his existence … amazing, ain’t it?

    i just get pissed off when i’m watching tv and i see some popular NA ice cream franchise is using sexual innuendoes to promote and sell a new ice cream dish/product … its sad, pathetic and lame already. i think north america is so vulgarly oversexed … IMHO.

  3. wouldn’t it be nice if it were fictitious…

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