the stag lives tonight


~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “the stag lives tonight”

  1. Bold! We have very much mooses in Finland, don’t know if this one is a moose, deer, elk? But very beautiful pic anyway.

  2. its an elk, i think … we have moose here too … but they live closer to the freshwater (ie lakes, not ocean side) and further up north from here. i once saw a moose, when i lived on the prairies (centre of canada …) – it was a young moose – like a yearling … just standing in the middle of the gravel road … waiting for its mother to come around the corner … so cool!

    have you visited freya’s blog? she has a really lovely story about a wolf/dog and a stag … … that’s the link … the blog owner is actually this person: … and this one … … one very cool girl … FYI just tellin ya this coz i think you might like her … she’s one greal chick and a fabulous artist.

    i have been poking thru some stuff on tarot – this weekend i will have time to make a nice, proper post on that … ta ta for now.


  3. We could see here moose’s almost in the centre of cities, but we also have lakes everywhere. I’m looking forward to your next post. I had a period in my life that I did quite much tarot. Lately not so much, but there is very much basic truth in them.

  4. you are TOO kind! i have really been floundering around with freyas paintings. too literal. too illustratory. i need to pare down to the essence. the image that speaks to your DNA. not am image that spells it all out for you.

    its great to live somewhere where you can see big wildlife like a moose. i see a deer now and then but rarely a buck.

    hope this note finds you well. xoxo

  5. hey she~

    i thought of you when i saw this image …

    the stags … ah yes – they are shy, i think … which is why they don’t show themselves very often.

    you will know, i think (or freya will) when the painting(s) are right …

    hugz to you.;)

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