rhetorical questions

  1. why do we live in a society that cares more about how sanjaya’s wearing his hair this week, or who will win american idol or what will happen to jack bauer next season … than about how many humans die at the hands of war, waste, and greed all aaround the world?
  2. why do we hold in such high esteem fictional characters, like ‘house’, who execute behaviours and clinical decisions that would surely get him a suspended license (or disciplined/demoted/censured at the very least)? why is an arrogant, rude prick such a tv hero? is that the behaviour we value – the supreme asshole behaviour? when such a show gains such popularity, isn’t that what we’re telling our kids?
  3. why does the country that fluff’s itself up on the notion that freedom and democracy have made it successful, have such a stupid dictatorial regime at its helm?
  4. where are the weapons of mass destruction? (i think they’re in the white house and pentagon – and they don’t look at all like what y’all thought they would)
  5. why is the us coast guard firing live rounds 100 metres away from orca whales and the tour boats observing them?
  6. why does fuel cost 1.20 per litre?
  7. why are there still people living in new orleans without infrastructure, so long after katrina? how come a war plan can get executed faster than a disaster rebuilding plan? is there a plan? dare i ask?
  8. how come so many revolutionary wannabees think helping eradicate poverty involves anything overseas?
  9. why is vancouver building a subway line that links vancouver to the airport, when in the pre-olympic era, residents clearly indicated they did NOT want one?
  10. why is it that, post-olympic bid, all of a sudden the [so-pathetic-it-has-already-caved-in-once-under-the-weight-of-all-that-construction- equipment] sea to sky highway (the only highway to whistler from here!) gets rebuilt, when residents have been begging for this for years?
  11. why must all the summer fashions for women involve baring as much as much skin as possible, or vulgarly displaying as many curves as possible? do i really need to see that black thong – and a hint of its waistband peaking over top of your pants that look like yer mom left ’em in the dryer too long – ya got peaking thru those tacky, too-tight white capri pants of yours? do i need to see that belly ooze out from that crop top the store never shoulda sold ya? pulllleeeeese! someone call the fucking fashion police?
  12. whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination? like – doncha know that a guy finds it much more intriguing – much sexier – seeing just bared ankles and bared feet, rather than seeing half of an ass cheek hangin’ out of a pair of shorts?
  13. why is pot illegal? when studies have proven, time and again, that its less harmful than either nicotine or alcohol?
  14. why has every human out there convinced him or her self s/he needs a cell phone? get over yourselves! what did you do in the 70s, 80s, 90s? before the advent of cell phones?
  15. what’s the big fuss about organic food anyway? if organic means you only use ‘natural’ substances in the growing process, such as shit … to fertilize … then count me out. i will take my chances with cancer, or whatever weird disease i will get from the chemical fertilizers in the non-organic food that’s already out there. why do i have this impression that organic = fast track to e. coli? hmmmm … perhaps because e. coli’s likely in the shit that gets used to ‘naturally’ fertilize the organic food? hmmm – do i want e. coli? no. NO. if given a choice i would pick chemotherapy and radiation over dialysis … just a thought. things aren’t ever as they seem, are they?
  16. when will i hear about the by-law that will ban repressed anger? i have heard about the smoking ban, the trans-fat ban, the plastic bag ban, the ipod ban, even … well, given that it’s the single biggest causative risk factor in every major disease that shortens human life … shouldn’t we pay some mind to our friend repressed anger? or do we like the fact that it exists, because (among other things) all those insane video clips of all the road raging drivers amuse us?
  17. why have humans become so fucking lazy and complacent? why do we need drive thru’s? why do we need to drive our fucking cars so fucking much? why do we need to destroy everything, consume everything, pluck everything away from itself? will we evolve from that twisted little child-mind that gets off on pulling the wings from living flies? if so, when?
  18. what’s with reality tv? ain’t reality real enough?
  19. why do little children think that the white doll – as compared to the black doll – is the nicer doll? does not that disturb any of you? why have we cultivated a information/entertainment media that sends messages of inferiority to ordinary people who don’t look like they’ve spend 50,000 dollars on tanning salons and plastic surgery? why do we expose our children to such messages? why does this generation grow up hating the way it looks?
  20. how can love grow, in the shadow of self loathing?

any more to add to this list? feel free to add yours in a comment …


~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “rhetorical questions”

  1. Oh, but that Hugh Laurie…. he is sooooo dreamy!!!

    bus seriously, how many times can that rotted team send a patient into a seizure or cardiac arrest?

    same old plot lines, same old DREAMY blue eyes and unshaved jawline

  2. One year, for my daughters 6th b-day- I ordered a cake for her…she wanted Barbie (blech). The lady I ordered it from had a concerned look on her face and explained that the only Baribe dolls she had in stock were brown.

    I loved it-

    Juli-Anna had a brown Barbie on her b-day cake and didn’t even question it. The children at the party were a mix of colors…and the only person who seemed to notice was one of my best friends- who was black and Cherokee. She thought it was great-
    me too 🙂

  3. infini – oh that he is. and i have worked with real-life hugh lauries. dawg …. truly they are dawgs. they know they are hot and smart, blah blah … and oh … what divas they become … grrrr.

    mayden – that’s cool. a brownie barbie cake. yeah.

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