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  1. i watched a man vomit blood to death once; it was the middle of the night in a small rural hospital~we had 20 patients, including 3 on heart monitors and anyone who came thru emergency and were the only 2 nurses for the entire building~the patient’s bowel obstructed (he had metastatic cancer); and he died because the hospital’s main supply room was locked and we could not get into it to retrieve the nasogastric tube we needed to decompress his vomitting gut.
  2. i saw a dynamic hip screw (used to fix a fractured hip) pierce thru a lady’s skin after she fell. she had fallen @ home and was waiting to have surgery to put the screw back where it belonged~she had to wait… @ least overnight with that screw dislodged and poking thru the skin … before getting into surgery.
  3. i have a tattoo – a green faery-goblim from brian froud’s pressed faery book – its on my lumbar spine and we named him ~splat~
  4. i see dead people/pets~spirits lurk about everywhere; just because U don’t see ’em, doesn’t mean they don’t exist!
  5. i dream things that come true and know things that i don’t know how i know them.
  6. i wear estee lauder pleasures intense perfume … also pleasures exotic.
  7. i hate asshole bosses that think they fucking own their employees, their lives and schedules. fuck that shit~as far as i’m concerned, you’re fucking lucky i showed up at all! and if got a date … or when the clock strikes ‘end-of-shift’ …. watch me walk out the fucking door. i don’t work forced overtime, i’m no one’s fucking borg and besides, they abolished slavery long ago. that attitude will not get me rich. however it will keep me sane and balance.
  8. i am mixed; that means my mother is white and my father is brown. as a kid, i got called brown crayon and hated the colour of my skin. once a lady in the laundromat wouldn’t let her kid play with me … because it was obvious that i was mixed (i.e. more brown-skinned than white-skinned).
  9. i despise loud noises and crowds of people … also people that walk around or drive around talking on their cell phones – i recently saw a transit bus driver talking on his cell phone while driving the bus (i was on it – a trolley bus, standing room only, @ rush hour) – like – HELLO??? safety???
  10. i hate call waiting and being put on hold; if you have call waiting and use it on me, i will hang up on you. that’s my policy. oh, i hate the phone and typically won’t answer it unless i recognize the number calling.

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~ by frizzyscissorhands on May 31, 2007.

17 Responses to “another meme”

  1. first off, THANK YOU for posting the code for links and photos on your blog PRIMO idea, LOVES IT!!!!!

    And I will do this tag, I have one other interview to do first, and I am in an intensive counseling class right now too, plus I just got rid of a psycho dude…. think “Blue Velvet”

    Think, me making it so he wanted to dump me….HAHAHAHA…. I told him I was a pre-op tranny.

    and then I asked if he still loved me, and when he said yes, I mind fucked him and said, just kidding!!
    Then, I kissed him like a man, (pass the listerine, but it had to be done)

    then he realized he just told a chick he did not mind dick.

    well anyway, the end result is he did not know his head from his asshole when I was done with him, and before you do get to feeling sorry for him, know this,

    a) he phone stalked me
    b) he lied to me almost every day, just for laughs
    c) he pinched me on our first night out
    d) he is an ex gangster.

    I had to get away from him, and the only way to do it was to make it his idea.

    Ahhh, anyway, my point, is, I will do the tag when I get a minute.

  2. oh and PS:

    he also said he was smarter than me and that I knew nothing about psychology…

    an itch that begged for a scratch if you ask me.

  3. eeeerr..hee! hee! to the interesting comment of Infini…

    Hello there! Hello there!!..Geez’..I’ve read a whole lot of memes but yours is memorable…I don’t think I could have had the strength to watch what you had…

    Hope everythingz cool with you!

    Take care :>

  4. I am so with you about not liking the phone- especially land lines which are inevitably a trap for telemarketers (which I was once, so I have a right to speak of them with disgust).
    You can get on a no-call list all you want, it doesn’t matter. They still find you!

  5. I hate call waiting–I have it on my phone and I ignore it. It is rude.

    I may post on my experiences with the dead. Or I just may write to you. Yes, they are here. And they are not scary.

    That business about the blood is terrible. My sister is a doctor, and she can handle anything but vomit. When my mother died, my two eldest siblings fell apart, but we took over in her hospital room–I was my sister’s assistant nurse and she showed me to do almost everything. Later people told me I should become a nurse. But those science courses…

    Look, I will visit you someday. I have so many people in your part of the world. But I would love to spend an evening, drinking wine and just talking.

  6. infini – you make me laff, girl.

    lizard princess – i just say ‘no thanx’ and hang up if i end up picking up the phone and find a telemarketer on the other end.

    susan – my ‘thing’ (i.e. that grossed me out totally) was/is sputum … like sputum from a tracheostomy. ooooh …. GAG ME! and i absolutely developed a complex over changing the inner cannula or dressing or suctioning … YUCK! and emptying those plastic wall suction containers FILLED with sputum … EWWWWWWWWWW – truly, i gagged.

    ahh – the dead. very interesting. i’d like to hear about your experiences. they are everywhere. and no, mostly they don’t trip me out. except they do a little when they keep coming around. like, follow me. my dog did that for the longest time. i loved it sort of … but i wondered … if it was the best thing for him to linger … when he should maybe be moving on, or something.

    oh, a visit – that’d be so kewl. i’d like that totally, i would. have you ever had a cocktail called a bellini? they are to die for.

  7. lux – hey you! how r u? i will visit your page soon. r u getting ready to move soon? urgh – not fun.

    take care …. hope you’re well.


  8. red i will do the meme tomorrow or sunday!

  9. i am going to my brother’s graduation party out of town but will do the meme when i return.

    I am OK with call waiting, but it can be annoying at times.

    I had no idea from your photo that you were mixed… although that curly mane of yours…. makes sense to me now. Funny tho cause I thought your skin was whiter than mine! I cannot imagine anyone teasing you over your looks, that is bad and i am sorry it happened.
    thanks for sharing.
    I read your post before but am just commenting now.

    did you check out the video yet? on autism?
    it is good.

  10. i agree call waiting is rude. it says in essence: hang on because this incoming call is more important to me. i wish we would remove it but mr she wants it in case a client calls. (client=more important than anybody else)

    i also despise loud noises they make me edgy and hostile and just one exit before violent. grrr

    i did the meme.

    vanille: dear God girl, first stank breath now this???

  11. she, infini – i will check your meme. re: not missing a call. i just have the phone system kick any calls that come in while the line is occupied over to the ‘voice mail.’ a light on my phone blinks and then, when the call gets ended, the dial tone is stuttered to indicate someone left a message. that beats that fucking call waiting. IMHO.

    its been sunny and hot here~me likes it. hope you’re stayin’ kewl.

  12. Ahhhh, She? who said blue eyes did not ALSO have the stank breath? Or rather, the breath of post-digested gamey-lamb.

    And, let’s not EVEN get into the Band-Aid.

    Perhaps I shall post about it.
    After I do the great tag of Red of course.

  13. (1) Sad to hear that you were given that hard a time, and that you didn’t like the color of your skin. I, for one, like brown skin.

    (2) The hospital story is really frightening. Did the administrators expect life-threatening situatations only during convenient hours? Granted the man had cancer. Still, if he could have lived a little while longer he might have appreciated i.

    (3) Let me know if you have a dream about me selling a novel, or screenplay.

  14. x-dell~
    1. sad, i know. i recently heard about this film made by a teenaged girl in the usa about this sort of thing. they got a group of children, white and black, boys and girls and asked then to compare which doll (i.e. black or white) was the nicer doll, etc. sadly, many children chose the white doll … sometimes even the dark children.

    the irony of me is that … when i was a love mocha brown i hated it … did not appreciate it. now … because of some wierd de-pigmentation thing (google it its called vitiligo)… i do not look brown anymore and so wish i did. well, i am happy with my skin now. but it took a long time to get there.

    2. well the hospital administrator was a f*cking idiot … had very little actual clinical experience – i.e. i don’t believe she ever stuck a nasogastric tube into anyone … was not, technically, fully qualified to work in emergency or even look after heart monitored patients … and just got the job for being a cute l’il brown noser from the same town as the retiring administrator, who passed over a very qualified nurse with years of experience @ that hospital for that cartoon character! grrrrrr.

    to add insult to injury, the man’s obit. said he died a peaceful death. i’m glad his family thinks so. i guess that insane clean up job we did (the room was a massive mess, bloody vomit all over the walls, furniture, floor, etc) – 2 nurses and 2 paramedics – i guess it fooled them into thinking the man died in his sleep.

    oh … scary … scary, indeed. and that is one story, among many more. and … from what i hear things have continued to deteriorate … and it is the same everywhere …

    they just think they can solve the problems such as this by building a fancy new building with all the flashy, shiny gadgets and that will make everything better. grrrr. how blind can one get?

  15. the experiment was done in the 50’s
    the questions were like:

    which doll is prettier?
    which doll is better?
    which doll do you want to be like?

    and I believe all of the dark skinned children chose the white doll

    this was in the early 50’s, when racism and self hatred were high.

    Re: vitiligo
    I did not know.
    I like brown skin too.

  16. infini- they repeated the experiment … check the link in my sidebar under that old photo of 2 year old me … the link will take you to the site of the new film … i saw this featured on oprah last week. and still, the results were the same as they were in the 50s or whenever this was first done. sad, huh? the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    brown … brown’s good. i got … somethin that looks like butterscotch swirl ice cream. not really brown anymore … never really white either tho … but i pass for it … and people usually think that the brown (ie my real skin colour) is the bad part of me and the albino (ie the white part, without pigment) is the ‘normal’ part of me.

    no joke. everyone that sees me for the first time … that comments on this pigment thing … alludes to something which really amounts to white being superior over brown.


  17. I ma the most attracted to brown skin and the least attracte to pinky white skin, i like brown eyes best, and blue eyes … well, not at all as far as considering them attractive.

    It has to do with the entitlement that white skin and blue eyes gets in this world, and it may be racist, but it is how I feel, i rarely find a pair of blue eyes attractive. This latest guy has blue eyes, but he is from India and has very dark skin.

    I am so worn out and tired, i should not be writing now, but will comment again when i have a brain.

    bad day today… confronted a past tormentor…

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