more for my ‘meme’ list

coz i’m restless and can’t think of anything else remotely intelligent to write. so here’s some useless dribble ya don’t really need to know about me.

1. i don’t brush/comb my hair daily. i only brush it right before washing it. its impossible, really ~ my hair. as a tot i would scream when mama tried to pass a comb thru my hair. and my hair usually ends up breaking those hair clips … and hats just slide off my head (except for straw hats, for some reason) because my hair just makes them. i am so pathetic with my hair ~ could not style it excitingly enough to save my life, i’m afraid ~ and so i usually end up covering it with a bandana, or tying it in a boring pony tail.

2. leggy. they tell me i’m quite leggy. yes ~ they’re long, impossibly long. and restless. as a little girl my parents had trouble finding pants long enough for my spindly long legs. shopping for clothes sucked, having to travel across town to Sears Roebucks, the only store with clothing to fit strange, spindly children like me.

3. i don’t like when people walk behind me. it makes me … uncomfortable. yes, it makes me irritable walking from the subway platform and out of the station on my way to school each morning. i especially wanna wack in the face anyone who walks right up behind me.

4. i saw a skunk the other night. crossing the street, running away from our house. and then i saw a couple of slugs. trying to get into the house. EEK. and then, the other day, we saw a tiny snail crossing the back lane. we saved it by putting it in a backyard, under a magnolia tree.

5. i have heard of some parents keeping the placenta from their child’s birth and planting it, with some sort of rose bush or magnolia tree or something. apparently the placenta provides nourishment to help the new young tree root. what a different way to commemorate the birth of one’s child. interesting …

6. i have a weakness for Old Navy. and, also, second hand stores.

7. i HATE the taste of white milk and also tap water.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on June 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “more for my ‘meme’ list”

  1. oh man, i have a placenta story for you!!!!

  2. bring it on!

  3. ok I will in my tag post, which i will do over the weekend, new post up, all i could manage with the killer migraine fibromyalgia pain…. weather related.

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