some blogger how-to stuff

1. how to make your nava-bar go peek-a-boo (i.e. invisible, only appearing when you hover over it with your mouse/cursor):

#navbar-iframe:hover{opacity:1.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishedOpacity=100)}

this nifty little script goes in your template, somewhere between the <head&gt and </head&gt tags.

2. how to re-direct people to a new blog/url:

~try this demo. visit see what happens … [waiting] … k? didja try it? didja? kewl, huh? that’s some nifty little script i stuck in my ‘old blog’ template before the </head> tag.~

go here: to get the script (FYI – its script no. 2 – ‘alert’ script). when you copy the script, you paste it in your tempate just before the </head> tag, right after the style sheet portion of your template. its always a good idea to preview prior to saving just to make sure everything works the way it should. now you can change your url and inform all your readers of your new ‘home’ with a simple script. in case, like, some asshole flags your blog and you hafta, like, start anew one coz blogger won’t let ya post in the flagged blog. then this script comes in handy … or, in case you just get restless and feel like changing urls.

3. how to get a custom header:

ask roxanne, aka red.mantissa, to make you one, silly! simple …

actually, there’s a way. its sort of tedious – a multi-stepped process. i can tell you, if you want … but most of you would just not wanna do all the scary html stuff. incidentally, blogger now has automated the header widget/page element to enable users to easily upload a picture to their header. however, its limited in its functionality, this utility. it does not resize or centre the image. and you cannot really alter its positioning or appearance one the header. images need to be approx 700 by 300 px.

4. style switching with the click of a mouse:

yes, virginia! there’s a way. ahhhh ~ the joys of javascript. say it with me, children “java is our friend!” i am still experimenting with this one … when it works for me you’ll all see. IT WORKS~CHECK IT in the sidebar! essentially, style switching involves having style sheets, which are colour variations of the same template, externally loaded and then having a javascript which facilitates the style switching @ user’s choosing. of course this involves having a links/choice box so users can click to choose and change to blog’s look. i know, so trivial … so bling … but … so nifty. also, firefox has a way you can apply a stylesheet to page ~ tweaking with that feature, too. if you got firefox, just check out the view menu –>then page style –> you will see the style choices. if you don’t got firefox, then … it sucks to be you, babe! (well, i almost feel sorry for you … but not quite~u really should get with the program and download firefox like the rest of the world’s doin! but, in the meantime you can still partake in the style switching fun by toggling the radio buttons in my sidebar.)


~ by frizzyscissorhands on June 4, 2007.

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  1. Damn, your blog keeps changing. It is lovely.

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