things that BUG me

the fucking war on drugs

oh yeah, pick up that beer … its legal, after all.
we doan need to know why~ jest that it is,

guns & weapons

oh yeah, babes …. i am awaitin’ that day, flipper, my friend!

cell phones and the f*cking GNATs that obssess over ’em

can you read?
then SHUT YER F*cking phone OFF!
or at least put it on vibrate
yeah … vibrate … woohooo ….
[so nokia makes vibrators, too? who knew?]

~ by frizzyscissorhands on June 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “things that BUG me”

  1. You know, I’m convinced that a cell phone’s biggestdream is to go to the movie theatre and interrupt the good parts.

    Funny signs. Thanks for stopping by my place. Funny stuff here. I like it, although I’ve never really known a muse of the dichotomous before.

  2. those signs are a hoot.
    you have some cool nifty how-to’s listed below. i’m a gonna have to come back and check them out again.

  3. x-dell~i think you may be right! my visit to your place was looooong overdue. thanx for comin’ here … ‘muse of dichotomous’ ~ our dear puppy k9 coined that one to describe me … hee hee. clever …. ain’t she? excuse the pun … lol.

    foam~i like the dolphins, personally. lol. i am a sucker for blog how-to’s and tweaks … i love that stuff. i figure maybe some of its actually useful to some out there … lol … other that for my own self stimulation. haha. r u enjoying your summer leisure time?

  4. agreed on all three fronts!! go porpoises. i am bugged big time by the pay to swim with the dolphins thing. what? you are going to profit by allowing people to squeal and coo and pet trapped creatures? how f*cking souless can it get?

    somebody ought to develop a device that renders cellphones within a certain radius useless. in a museum recently a girl walked around and talked loudly in her cell phone the whole time. like we should be subjected to that inane conversation. how freaking selfish or unware can a person get. but like a dumb animal i did nothing except indulge some homicidal fantasies. grrherhaha *jus kiddin*

    man im all fussy cause i miss my dog.

    sent you a card red.
    nice thought on marriage skin as well.

  5. grrrrr about the museum. that bugs me …. i honestly HATE that. like, yeah, i wanna wanna wanna hear all about your obnoxious, dumbass exchange with your cronies! honestly …. and those people that strut around with bluetooth headsets? they look like delusion~ like they’re talkin’ to themselves … and do they ever watch where they’re walkin? NO. WHY NOT? grrrrr. i would likely be a dumb, silently fuming animal too … but … hmmmm …. i’ll bet that martin would not. and that thought amuses me.

    don’t they have rules about cell phones in places like museums? like … did we pay admission to hear some valley girl talk into her cell phone with all the inflated self-importance she could muster?


  6. hey – your dog? what’s with your dog? where’s she at? that’s no good.

    pretty soon it’ll be time to get me a mini schnauzer. why that breed? cos they’re small–like, small enuf to fit in a l’il doggy (tote) bag to cart around … and they make good mousers … and they’re scrappy – don’t take sh!t from no one!

    its almost been a year for us … since brownie. martin’s not ready yet. however … i AM.

    love to you …

    can’t wait to get your card. your letter/card/whatever is still a thought in that crazy head of mine.

  7. If someone is near me and speaking loudly on their cell phone- I get close to them and start singing (loudly) an old hymn.
    I am totally serious.

    You have never- ever- in all your life- seen anyone do anything they can to get away from you if you start belting out
    “What a friend I have in Jesus”.
    I have done it…will do it- and it works brilliantly.

    If you know any rap songs, or heavy metal- those work too ;D

    TRY IT… You’ll see! There is no law against public singing. (but don’t do it too loudly in a theater!)

  8. And THAT…..

    is why she is my Puddin’ twin.

  9. mayden~ i left a comment but blogger ate it. grrrr. hahaha~i could totally see you doing that. you and me gotta do some hangin’ out some day girl! this town’s full of cell phones … it’d be a blast to dust off those old hymns!

    infini – haha. how’s it goin’, girl?

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