words that remind me

plasma – the milk of blood. the guts of it. plasma serves no metabolic nutritional purpose. but without it, we die. its what gives our blood volume. upon volume sails life. life — this IS life. living. breathing. but not just that. its having awareness that i breathe. that my heart beats in step. that my blood flows. a true gift. living awareness. awareness that this life … this existence … does not define me. and i do not define it. rather, i serve as a vessel … a conduit for the energy of existence. plasma reminds me that i do not own my existence … i do not own my my life. my hunger … my thirst … my [rare] sexual urges ~ i own none of these. they all emanate from the very same source out of which the plasma flows … the energy of life flows~that ultimate supernal source. yes … plasma reminds me of all this.

weave – creating a complex pattern from a number of interconnected elements; creating fabric by interlacing long threads; taking evasive action. weave has at least 3 distinct meanings. however, each of these meanings shares the common thread of creating something complex from what’s around – in the immediate environment. so – a weaver creates cohesive complexity from fragmented simplicity. this word weave reminds me that, as a human … as a woman … as a mother … i have found myself, repeatedly weavingweaving weaving. and in so doing, adding another row of stitches to this grand matrix of existence that flows through, within and around me. the word weave speaks to me in this way.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on June 8, 2007.

5 Responses to “words that remind me”

  1. Intersting, especially the first one. When I thik of plasma, it’s from a very abstract point of view. I’ve never received it as a patient. Someone who actually handles the stuff, participates in the administration of it, has the technical background in it, would see it in a special way.

    I don’t have much experience in weaving, but I sometimes feel that way about research. It’s often the weaving together of seemingly unreleated data into an understanding.

  2. you make a good point. i suppose most think of plasma from a sci fi POV. i think of it as the substance that suspend red blood cells in one’s blood.

    weaving~a wonderful analogy for research. and for growing things … or people (i.e. children).

  3. plasma weaver

    i like your baby pic
    very adorable cutie

  4. Or woven plasma…
    Hey Sweet Red!

    I’se jes’ wanderin’ all over the blog map–fightin’jet lag, and avoidin’ sweepin’ them porches.

    What do it mean, then that ever’body is gettin’ them plasma TVs? I ain’t got one.

    I like weavin’ metaphor cause I think in fact that ever single thing can eventually be woven together …weave it thisaway, and it is a beauty, weave it that-away and it ain’t such a good project. Guess I’se sayin’ that yakkin’ on yore cell phone when ya need to be payin’ attention to warp and woof is a dangerous practice–ha ha!

    Seen a bird’s nest onc’t that had been woven from all manner of
    things: broom straw, leftover pink Easter basket grass, a dead ivy vine, an it were lovely.

    I likes yore hair, honey.

  5. plasma tv’s. good point. plasma has that whole other meaning that i never considered when writing these words. i will think on that definition of plasma. and report back here.

    regarding weaving. exactly my sentiments when writing this. weaving as a metaphor for living. and you hit the nail on the head, aunty … as to why cells phones piss me off so much.

    its like we’s all tryin’ to avoid living while we’s livin’. somethin like that. nice to see you. are you back? i meant to write you a limerick but time slipped away. perhaps i will anyway … welcome home, if you’re home.

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