~something new i learned~

IMAGE-MAP. yeah. its essentially an image that you make into a map of links. you select certain rectangular-shaped areas of the image according to its co-ordinates and you associate/attach a URL to that area of the image – these areas of the image we then call hot spots. surely, after that very primitive explanation you can see why this would amuse me a great deal. particularly when i have developed a particular sick fondness for some of hr giger’s works. and so … here’s the link to the image map. mouse over the image and you will find the link-able areas. intuitively, you should know from the image where the hot spots reside. each of the linked sites will open in a new window/tab in your browser.

here’s a legend to the image map, for those who need one – the image detail and associated link i have listed below.

1. right breast –> mantissa
2. left breast –> cruel virgin
3. umbilicus –> spilled to bloodlessness
4. eye/penis –> x-dell
5. goulish creature that reminds me ferry man, a la river styx –> dead like me tv show site
6. dog –> sparring k9
7. female perineum –> vagina monologues site
8. monster on which the f/male perineum pours a golden shower –> link to the good father ~ pedophilia in the RC church.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on July 14, 2007.

11 Responses to “~something new i learned~”

  1. Mantissa, awesome change. I shouldn’t be surprised, I know you are used to my expression of awe, anyway:

    Images usually don’t make me cry and these images by the Swiss artist don’t bring tears to my eyes. Just an unsettled sense of darkness.

    The one image that did make me cry was the photo of a rose you posted on Mother’s Day.

  2. nice to see you … indeed, the images of hr giger are sort of dark …

    the rose … you mean this one? exquisite, ain’t it?

  3. I’m pleasantly surprised every few weeks as you change your template into something delightful.

    The link map is an interesting idea, although I don’t know how Enemy of the Republic will feel about me associating her with breasts:-)

  4. haha. i get restless sometimes. πŸ™‚

  5. grrherhaha … the image only loaded halfway for me, but that might be a problem with the fact that i havent moved a bunch of giant files off my laptop so i might be running slow.

    my professional website, which i have neglected, is all image maps. i cant even remember how i built it. i have GOT to rebuild my website.

    you are killing me with all this creativity. rock the hell on grrrrrrrrrrl. youre doing great!

  6. and no btw i dont know any swiss people except ben. but in the movie “diva” which i loved, the girlfriend/theif makes a crack about her boyfriend acting swiss….

  7. yes … ‘acting swiss’ … haha. that’s totally perfect. you can just guess what that means …

    they’re a lovely bunch of people – just quite odd. quite odd. but … its ok to be different as long as you’re good at it. and that, they are.

    this image map thing was tonnes of fun. a girl could get REAL distracted =8D

    the program – if its fancy enuf – will walk you thru making the iamge map. the technical thing is choosing the coordinates of the area … that’s what the program calculates when you select an area. dreamweaver does this, for instance.

    of course, i’m not using dreamweaver … but some free knockoff i found on the web … its not dreamweaver, but its a reasonable facsimile.

    enjoy your week. πŸ™‚

  8. oh, k9, btw, the image i used for the image map is the one called kreislauf (which, incidentally, means wheel of life … i don’t really get that from this image, but … whatever, it must have been some good weed that day, huh, mr. giger? haha) – there’s a tiny version of it in the sidebar.



  9. on the news today they (whoever they are) said canada smokes more weed than any other nation! what do you make of that?

  10. yeah … i heard that on the weekend. they also said that over 50 % of BC residents have report smoking weed – i.e. they smoke it or have at some time in their lives.

    i believe it. its everywhere here. like, everywhere. when we go to victory square/park, which is a little park just on the cusp ofr the business/touristy/derelict parts of downtown, every 2nd or 3rd person is smoking weed. its hilarious.

    its better than guns, is all i can say.


  11. hey … maybe that’s the cure-all for terrorism. EVERYONE SMOKE WEED. yeah. and then … we can all just get along.

    what a nice l’il dream. huh?



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