how’d they do that?

how’d they get the computer in there?

meet the newest member of the mac family ~ the imac. that’s it ~ a space-aged thingy that looks like a tv screen or a pc monitor, a mouse and an aluminum keyboard! holy fuck! where’d they put everything? how’d they get all the nerdy components in there? i lurv mac!


~ by frizzyscissorhands on August 8, 2007.

9 Responses to “how’d they do that?”

  1. Dude, how about the iPhone. That is one cool gadget. Not since the first Walkman has a truly must-have piece of plastic and wires mesmerized the imagination.

    I don’t have a cell phone but this little box, I gotta have!

  2. mac rules, doesn’t it?

    yesterday, at school i showed one of the technology instructors this pic of the new imac. when he looked at it he said, “yeah, so its a tv screen.” and i said, “no, man, its a computer!” and he replies, “REALLY? WOOOOOW.” and he was speechless.

    i love mac, just love it. once again, they’ve outdone themselves!

    sadly, we don’t have the iphone here in canada … but i’ve seen pics of it ~ way cool.

    i have an ipod nano, and its the cutest thing. 🙂

  3. Me, the poor pc user, agrees that the Mac rules.

    It’s to the point where I’m not surprised anymore by the technological advances in computers. Hell, my first computer had punch cards.

  4. x-dell~ lol! i was musing the other day with my web programming instructor that the hard drive on my first computer was 40 MB … and how hilarious that figure sounds now, considering, some of the graphics files i work with or make are several MB ~ the really big ones are like, < 8 MB ... !!! haha. how technology has surged even in the past 20 years. my son, 21, barely knows what a dial-up modem looks like ... its right up there with rotary dial phone!

  5. Maybe the whole computer is now one big “chip?”

    I was an English major…

  6. paul ~ anything’s possible, i suppose. i’m in awe …

  7. Mantissa, I’m smarter than you: They glued a laptop behind that gigantic screen. The flat keyboard is just for fun, the computer reads your mind and pretends to need you to do its thing.

  8. I guess explaining to your son that in those early dial-up days you actually put the phone receiver into the modem itself, and cruised along at a high-speed of 1200kps.

  9. piktor ~ know what i think? i think that harry potter and hermione granger both work for apple-mac’s engineering/product development department!

    x-dell~ ancient, isn’t it? though, some rural folks are still connecting this way, believe it or not!

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