just say no to buying anything online

remember that painting i had commissioned, in memory of my late afghan hound? i have not received it, despite paying for it. know why? its apparently LOST IN THE FUCKING MAIL!

how does this happen? i am so fucking upset right now, i just want to cry. in fact, i’m quite sure tears and sobbing lie right around the corner. i have mourned this dog, so intensely, its felt so lonely. i looked so forward to finally bringing the painting home, after almost an entire year of waiting to be able to ‘afford’ paying it off so i could have it send to me, finally. and i find out i should have this painting by now.

and i don’t. i have checked to mailbox daily. nothing. what is with this fucking shitty world, when people just can’t do what they’re charged to do … what they assume responsibility for doing? why do the postal companies have a monopoly on the mail, since they clearly do not possess the competence to deliver on their service guarantees?



~ by frizzyscissorhands on August 13, 2007.

8 Responses to “just say no to buying anything online”

  1. Mantissa, I like painting animals, so if you post a photo I can do a painting of it.

  2. oh piktor! that is so sweet of you. here are a couple of photos. i have more @ home; i will post them to that url later today.

    his registered name was dragonfly lawrence of arabia. he lived up to it …

    once again, thank you, my friend.


  3. grrrr! that is so rotten i cant sit still. what was the one you showed me…another artists work. i am with piktor. i would love to do a painting too. uh oh you might end up with a shrine wall.

    good to see you out and about on the blogs with your always meaty and thoughtful commentary. you are like a great steakhouse!

    are you finished with school? where will your work come from…will you work for a company or freelance or what.

    ive missed you. good to see ya…i will pull sparringk9 for a while my show…im strugglin. no details on your space.

    speaking of lost mail…i guess you never got my postcard from florida? i even wrote downstairs on it.

  4. Mantissa, do you have a more “conventional” photo?

    Dragonfly has beautiful hair but a photo where he is standing would be more helpful to get the head features.

  5. she ~ grrrrrrr … could you hear me growl? i am not ashamed to say i even cried over this. yes, its the one i showed you. i would be honoured if you would … when you have time.

    don’t be a stranger, k?… but i guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do. sometimes blogging just distracts, don’t it? lol ~ i have not done a lick of work all day.

    i am a month away from being 75 % complete. not too long now. learning scripting languages … server-side stuff … that sort of thing … right now.

    i have no clue what i’m gonna do when i’m finished. freelancing sounds like me, really. i can’t see myself fitting into any corporate mold (haha i wanna call it mould!) for very long. i’m too rebellious for that. still … who knows.

    piktor ~ yes. i have many. just not right at this very moment (i’m at school). i have a tonne on my computer … later tonight i will find one for you that has him nicely seated or standing …

    and i do have a lovely head shot … i will post these later tonight or early tomorrow.

    i’m afraid he was sort of a hair rebel and like the matted, rasta look … so you will have to imagine the nice flowing hair … haha.

    you guys are great … thanx … really. \

    love, me.

  6. Is it possible to get your credit card to stop payment on it?

    That would piss me off too. Are you sure that they actually sent the painting? I’d hate to think that someone were guilty of that crude of a fraud, although I’m sure that some people do.

  7. Sorry, I keep talking about the New Orleans thing instead of what you are posting about. I know what you mean about not reacting to these people, to there being no point..normally I don’t. But when I was at that job I was going on very little sleep and I was taling to someone else and he heard what I said and jumped in and starting screaming at me and I lost my temper. There is nothing that you can do about these people. They have always been that way and they always will be. It will always be something. It’s very sad. Life is too short to go around hating people.

  8. I’ve mailed stuff to India, Japan, and Europe…and never had more trouble with anything than the stuff I mailed to Canada-
    It’s crazy~

    If I were you, I’d make a friend near the US border and have stuff mailed to them so you could pick it up 🙂 Sorry this happened 😦

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