mute monday

theme ~ food & drink


~ by frizzyscissorhands on August 20, 2007.

12 Responses to “mute monday”

  1. grrherhaha ive always thought airstreams looked like toasters! hmmmmthe blue drink…hypnotiq! but my favorite is the brocolli head. grrlll thanks for coming by the yard…im crazy busy and doing terrible posts..i need to write you an email…for the details….i know i know…stick to the damn topic. happy MM! glad you’re in the game. xo

  2. Truly cool assortment of pics. What Mute Monday’s all about. Tasty!

  3. …..i am talking to you now.

  4. she ~ this was fun, putting this post together! i sent you an email, didja get it?

    artfulsub ~ thanx. it was a little bit of fun distraction, when i needed it. neat game …

    oberon ~ indeed.

    happy MM to one and all.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could respond in pictures.

    Interesting pics. I’m gonna look at them some more.

  6. Happy MM! Love the toaster…

  7. Beautiful photos! I like them all.

  8. Thinking of you today-

  9. Great pix! Yum! Marvelous Mute Monday!

  10. So great!! I like the toaster!!!
    Have a nice Monday!

  11. x-dell ~ cool pics, huh? i sent you an email – you may not have recognized is as being from me, since i sent it from my “roxanne….” email addy. FYI.

    kate, searabbit ~ yeah, me too. when i was a kid, i used to imagine airstreams as giant toasters … or fridges or something … haha. thanx for visiting the blog.

    bunny, ms. place ~ thanx, and thanx for stopping by. happy MM.

  12. Great Mute Monday!!!!!!!!! Have a great day

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