a surreal ascent

with the occasional
stumble ~
the kind that causes one
to lose one’s footing.
and so it goes.
one foot,
firmly planted,
in front of the other.

just for kicks … if you find yourself reaaaaaalllly borrrrred, you can see what happens when you mouse over my new header image. oh yeah, while you’re at it, mouse over the text underneath it, too. just some mindless entertainment for the masses.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on August 22, 2007.

16 Responses to “a surreal ascent”

  1. The steps remind me of all the work I have to do.

    Interesting thing with changing Header image. I’m still trying to learn how to make a header image, so you’re one up on me.

  2. x-dell – me too, about the steps. it reminds me that the road ahead is uphill, and winding and that i cannot always steer its path, that sometimes i am a passenger, and not the driver. it reminds me, also, that i will get to the top … sometime …

    ya like the header? i just had to take my newly procured, albeit rudementary, javascripting skills for a test drive. i think i’ve finally found a graphic that completely summarizes my ridiculous dichotomy (kp once called me the muse of dichotomy, lol). no doubt the images you recognize?

    i’m still working on an alternate header for mayden … i have something like this (i.e. the mouse over image changing thing) in mind. however, i am a BAD GIRL and have procrastinated of late … grrrrrr.

    a great way to learn javascript and html is just to view the source code and find out ‘how they did it.’ i do so love to pick everything apart … that’s mostly how i’ve learned all this stuff.

  3. you always have the coolest images. and i did click on the header and writing before i read the part about being bored. i’m just inquisitive like that when it comes to visuals. i can do many of my own images, but i’m too afraid to mess with the html codes.
    i love the steps. i feel like my path is that way too, but i usually think of myself as driving this old cranky, wobbly, jittery jalopy. sometimes i have to force it into 5th gear but most times it’s in 2nd or 3rd gear just bumping along….unfortunately sometimes downhill too.

    and i’m still gonna answer that email.
    i’m back to teaching so my schedule is pretty hectic write now….
    plus i’m also a notorious procrastinator.

  4. It twas spooky. You WON the Mute Monday Quiz, btw. Kudos.

  5. For some reason, I have this mental image of a dog peeling potatoes.

  6. … *howl* …

  7. artful ~ i did? cool. well, i must admit my friends google and wiki helped me … but the she’s graphic (it was her drawing, right?) gave it away … i could here the song …

    *aaaahhhhoooooo … werewolves in london*

  8. foam ~ i love your images. you’re good, y’know. the image header thing … its really just a simple script. when my more of my brain cells return from vacation i will make up some instructions for those interested. its a pain, because typing in all those escape characters to show the code is tiresome. and yeah, it takes a procrastinator to know one. so school’s started, has it?

  9. I agree.

  10. sort of like describes where I am….only I’m not climbing…just staring up those little steps wondering if I should give it a go..what if it leads nowhere…what if it leads somewhere then I find out I want to go nowhere…

    Anyway…Hello and how are you?..I’ve missed you. I hope everything is ok with you…Super nifty blog header..wow…loved it!

    I gave you the creative award…You’re like a well of ideas…You write with passion and print hot with flame.

    Be well :>

  11. Beautiful…the text “Like a geometer wholly dedicated to squaring a circle”-
    much that we want to say, and sometimes the words are so frail.
    I have never read Dante- I had to google the phrase because I was so taken in by the words…
    I have one of his books down stairs…and it will go to bed with me tonight.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other- and what you said about writing at MV- you are gifted friend. “
    i think the thing to get momentum is to really feel the spirit of our inspiration and where it wants to take us … as opposed to trying to lead it … y’know? that’s the challenge for me … to act like the vessel for my inspiration, and not the bondage.”
    YES! And in this moment of time, I feel inspired. I feel motivated.
    An author I wrote something for 2 years ago (and was published in her book) asked me to review her newest book…which I did. I think she will include my bio in her next publication. Many things happened this summer and last summer and I feel the time is right. I feel ready to fully write my near death experience- and I’ve tried so many times to do it. Stories roll around in my head, poems, kid stuff, love affairs, tragic tales- all of it- trapped in this little heart of mine.
    I admire the brilliant slicing way you write- the way you get to the heart of things with sharp points- and blunt truths. I love that often times I have to read your posts 2 or 3 times to fully get your meaning…to get the depth.

    Reading you makes me a better writer in an ethereal way, like reading X makes me a better writer in a scholastic way. (did that make sense?)

    I have to go now- I’ve blathered on here long enough.
    I will always need an encourager- and I will always be one.

    Hugs friend- I think we have lots to look forward to 🙂

  12. *howl* and *howl* some more ….

    ardlair … oh, are you really back? how i’ve missed you!

    luxie ~ aw shucks and thanx … things have been … *whew* well, they have been akin to climbing a steep hill, alone in the darkness of a new moon … with no stars to light the way because the clouds of anger and despair simply prevent the light of wisdom from shining through and affording a view of what really there. that’s how life’s been lately. but … the dawn comes after the darkest period. and the light … it finds a way to press through all that darkness.

    i will scoot by your blog very soon. thanx for your kind words. hope you’re well.

  13. mayden ~ not exactly sure what drove me toward dante. ok … its probably susan. anyway … i poked around the internet … their are many renditions of translations of the divine comedy … and even those i found really amazing. the one i have just purchased though (yes, i indulged myself and bought a book! whoooweee!) is THE BEST translation i have encountered. it sounds like poetry … yet its still soooo filled with divine and ancient wisdom.

    the translators’s name is John Ciardi ~ of course, an italian, who has an intuitive and intimate understanding of the language in which dante wrote.

    everything you say, my dear, makes sense.

  14. Fer a lady who wants ter write, why, Puddin’ Dante is a good read!!

    Love the header…and tell me how ya’
    so the “Read more” trick so that ya’ can have hidden text in the body of a post…did’ja already t ell me this? I need ter learn that one, bein’ a long winded sort.

    I’se real happy to hear both you and Mayden aspire to scribble–ya’ll each have somethin’ impportant ter say.

  15. mayden ~ i wrote you an email … however my idea has already evolved/changed somewhat. the wheels are turning, girfriend!

    ab ~ dante – he’s pure genius. i am so glad to have found the best translation. many of the great works remain somewhat inaccessible to the vernacular d/t the poor translation. however, that’s improving somewhat. the great works of the likes of tolsoy have even rec’d attention from oprah. that’s good, i think.

    the “read more” thing … its called ‘peek-a-boo posts’ and the man that invented the hack has instructions here. they seem easy to follow, but if ya take a looky and it seems too intimidating, i’m willing to set it up for you … just email me your login info. i will leave it up to you. i’m happy to help out, aunty.

    i sent you (along with a few others) an email early this week … not sure if i sent you the update, tho … in case i did not and you read that first email … things are improving. just so’s ya know …

    love, me

  16. Dear Lord in heaven, Baby Doll!
    I’ve checked the email and replied.

    Thanky fer the pee-a-boo thang…I’ll try it.

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