Andromeda ~ living, death and love

Trance, an avatar of the sun, did not die. She never lived, as humans conceive of living … and so her consciousness could not cease to exist apart from her form. The others, however ~ mere human mortals ~ had that inherent and heart-breaking vulnerability known as fallibility. A parasitic species, has invaded the human collective on the space ship Andromeda. A species which has conquered numerous species over the past millenia. They want to possess human bodies ~ effectively enslave humanity ~ and, in exchange would grant eternal life to humanity.

So? Does that sound like a deal to you? Would you enslave yourself in exchange for longevity beyond your wildest dreams? What matters to us, in this existence? Quantity/longevity? Quality? Or some reasonable convergence of both? What defines a good life? Its length? The wealth in which it existed? The amount of wealth and materials it amassed during its span? And, should we consider, as we form live our lives in connection with other living humans, that we will not live forever, that ultimately, death will separate us from those we love in this lifetime? Does death really mean the end? Does quantity really equal success? On what scale? Does love really live on? Does love live? Or does it transform itself into some more abstract form of energy that resides beyond our primitive emotional realm?


~ by frizzyscissorhands on September 5, 2007.

16 Responses to “Andromeda ~ living, death and love”

  1. ok. i had a rant at the beginning of this post. but i erased it … just because … who really cares? i mean, who am i to pollute the www airwaves with my petty, stupid complaints? no one, that’s who. i am sooo tired of hearing the whines of those who almost seem to wanna glorify themselves with their perceived misfortunes. i don’t just mean in cyber space … just generally … everywhere.

    noam sayin? or do i just sound like some biotch who should, now, just shut-up?


    happy happy joy joy 🙂


    about the post ~ i think:

    1. that’s no deal! who wants eternal bondage?

    2. that i should live my life, living … not dying to fear, anxiety or fixations on death.

    3. that wealth and longevity mean little, when measuring life.

    4. that love does not really live on. it somehow transforms itself. into something cosmic and supernal which we cannot really grasp.

    5. that death does not mean the end. any more than does birth. i think of death as a birth in reverse. but, i mostly just try to just think of living, the alive and life.

  2. fyi ~ dante will return. i just figure those of you who read this blog maybe only wanna see two or three dante posts in a week, and then need a break from that heaviness. so, i have other things with which to tickle your brain, in the mean time.

  3. “Does love live? Or does it transform itself into some more abstract form of energy that resides beyond our primitive emotional realm?”

    Shucks…what a question…does love beyond when life is over..where does it go..really?…

    Part of my fear about dying is the thought that I would never see my loves ever again….If heaven exists apart from them then that wouldn’t be heaven…would it?…Not for least.

    If I voice this out in church I’m sure I would be told that I wouldn’t need other loves because my love would be complete in God…I dunno’ bout that…

    Ah’..but as you said..think of living..the alive..and life…

  4. it doesn’t go anywhere … matter is neither created no destroyed, just transformed … forms are only changing, even the form of love … it will feel like what it feels like when its supposed to … i think. i have always believed that spirits can come back and linger, but, i wonder, would they want to, after a certain point? maybe not ~ i think they have to move on, too.

  5. Deep thoughts here..uh-huh…Dante did this to ya! (Smile)

  6. I couldn’t be happy living forever, if everyone I loved was gone and I was the only one left. What if they could come with me? Part of what makes life sweet is because it will end I guess. If it never ended or lasted a very long time, we would feel differently about a lot of things, though in which ways I could not imagine.

    Wealth? It’s a good accessory but as a means to an end it seems very meaningless. I could work harder and not see my children, what kind of life would that be?

    Is death the end? I hope not but it does seem to me that death mjust give you a different perspective on things, otherwise it would be like living.

    I’ve never been able to embrace the idea that we are all striving towards a loss of identity. I cannot concieve of that. The idea that to be spiritually enlightened you have to lose your ego. Of course, they would say that this means I am not spiritually enlightened and will have to be born again. Ugh! I don’t know if any of this makes sense.

  7. AB ~ yes … a certain life event and dante … and dostoevsky …


    BBE ~ on living forever: i think you’re right; that’s the tragedy of characters such as Anne Rice’s vampires … that they live forever, have watched the world in which they grew (as human mortals) fade away and become something entirely different. how sad …

    on wealth ~ he who dies with the most toys still dies. its all meaningless rubbish, in the end. and … wealth brings on its own sorrow.

    death ~ i think its not the end. i think, indeed, it must be different. beyond that … i suppose its not for me to question too much …

    emptying one’s ego ~ it occurred to me, only very recently, that the ego drives us to respond in sub-optimal ways … drives us to feel feelings that are destructive … not at all conducive to serenity and rationality.

    most people respond to situations based on what their egos tell them, not what their true Selves tell them. there’s a difference. the ego demands at all times to be served. that’s not cool.

  8. i’ve ranted before and taken it off.

    enslaving myself for longevity?…nope..
    not even for dark chocolate..

    you don’t ask easy questions, do you?

  9. ok. so you know what i mean, then, about ranting. its sort of like if i’m sick, and feeling like i want to vomit … i don’t vomit all over everyone else … i go in private (i.e the water closet) and i do my thing there. same thing with ranting. or whining, or whatever ya wanna call it. y’know? its infectious … and not anyone, really, wants to catch that stuff … IMHO. all this has only just occurred to me recently.

    me ~ easy questions? hee hee. that would be no fun … 🙂

  10. As a wise person once said, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has it’s place.

    But I reckon to be a slave in this life would mean being a slave in whatever surrounds life. Since I also reckon that I’ll be spending long periods of time outside this existence anyway, freedom would be more highly prized.

    Interestingly, I sense just a hint of Edgar Cayce in this post. Are you familiar with his pronouncements?

    We’ll await the return of Dante. In the meantime, I couldn’t argue with the five points listed in your first comment.

  11. Edgar Cayce ~ have heard of him … though not studied or analyzed his work that closely. Perhaps the show itself ~ Andromeda ~ was influenced?

    Interesting notion ~ time spent outside this existence … neat.

    Dante is having to share me with Dostoevsky of late … hee hee. I’ll now have the next several days with a lull in school demands to attend to the stuff I really love ~ writing. And Dante shall resurface.

  12. Trusting the true self also involves trusting God doesn’t it? For instance, when your spirit is telling you that you can’t do the job you are in anymore and you are considering taking a job for less pay….you have to trust that God will take care of you, don’t you? That’s the part I have trouble with.

  13. That’s a good question. In fact, one with which I wrestled for a long time. The money ~ spirit doesn’t care about that. I know, I know … we need a certain degree of it to survive, raised our kids, blah blah. But … many people think they need more than they actually do. The Ego would love to stay in the job ~ because it means more money … and money, for the Ego, means we get to serve to Ego even more. If the job really is crushing your spirit ~ its time to get out. Or … eventually you will leave the job, and it likely won’t be in a pleasant scenario, if ya catch my drift. Been there, done that. I waited too long … thought the money was so important. What, I ask, could possibly be more important than my Self? I mean … if my Self ~ my spirit ~ cannot function at its current job, then … I really have rendered myself useless to all around me. Staying in a job just for the money … that’s not being true to oneself … nor to the will of the Divine ~ who may be trying to send a message. I am inclined to add to this, God helps those who help themselves. Who act in a way they know, intrinsically, to be the right course … despite doubting, at times. That’s how it was for me, leaving nursing.

    Hey ~ it wasn’t easy, walking away from $30 per hour full time wages, and a job in which I frequently found myself Charge Nurse, etc. Still, I could not longer do it … for a variety of reasons.

    Does that make sense?

  14. Eternal life… It seems as though the Western view of that has been something like an idealized prolongation of life as we know it. One thing that I think resonates with a lot of folks there is the idea of reunion with loved ones.

    Eastern conceptions seem to be more nebulous – the drop returning to the ocean – but less anthropocentric. If I recall correctly, the Buddha didn’t address the issue of an afterlife.

  15. paul ~ i like that distinction … i wonder how much like the drop in the ocean it will be like …

  16. It does make sense. I chose labwork for the rost asinine reasons and I am so interested in getting out of it. I just can’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. My husband is the one who is so intent on me staying in because of the money and I just can’t do it without knowing that there will be a way out. I’m thinking of learning about computers. Getting some sort of degree. I am always scheming, trying to decide what I could do. I think I could do computers. I have gleaned somehow that this is what you are studying right now?

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