AURA ~ an approach to interaction

A ~ awareness
U ~ understanding
R ~ reflect & react
A ~ acknowledgement

AURA ~ its an acrostic … a tool, designed to teach us how to play well with the others. Its something I made up. Apparently I had to visit the hell of insanity and burn-out to get wise to what life and living takes. Here’s what I think, anyway … take from it what you will.

Awareness …

(1) … of your level of awareness and how it affects your perception of events/situation
(2) … of Ego, and the way in which it diminishes awareness
~ its desire to be served ~ “its all about me” …
~ its frailty ~ r/t perceived needs, expectations …
~ its intensity ~ r/t its constant expressive state
~ its universality ~ r/t the fact that everyone has an ego
(3) … of the fact that almost two-thirds of the information you gather through communicating with humans resides in the non-verbal realm ~ i.e. what the person has failed to say in words. this means body language, gesturing … but also … also refers to the words which the person did not choose, as opposed to the ones they did choose.
(4) … of the reality that #3 also applies in reverse ~ you communicate far more than you realize through the non-verbal realm ~ check yourself, once in awhile, to ensure the congruency of your non-verbal and verbal messages


(1) … of the fact that a person represents more that just an energy cell trapped inside a physical shell. each person represents a unique perspective, one which influences our interactions with others.
(2) … of why? why did that person say or do what s/he did? what’s behind the action, response, behaviour?
(3) … of the fact that awareness and understanding will not necessarily give you the power to change anything … that perhaps, they will just enable tolerance to take root more easily.

Reflect & React

(1) … why? what’s behind my feelings … or my initial thoughts on how I should respond to this situation? What could be the possible outcome of following that course? damage the relationship? further the antagonism?
(2) … can I recognize my ego? and can I swallow it? cut it down to size? so it doesn’t get in the way of what I need to do … in order to remain effective and tolerant ~ in order to maintain collaborative connections?
(3) … contemplate the alternatives … react based on what your reflection indicates as a best choice to achieve desired outcome
(4) … remember desired outcomes for the situation do not necessarily equal desired outcomes for your ego


(1) … people inherently need to feel valued
(2) … recognizing others goes a long way toward fostering the relationship/connnection
(3) … we begin to lose interest when we feel undervalued
(4) … we won’t always agree with others. still, we can function effectively among others who share another view by agreeing to disagree ~ i.e. respect


~ by frizzyscissorhands on September 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “AURA ~ an approach to interaction”

  1. ok. its sorta pathetic when i’m the first comment in my own post. whatever. i’ve spent saturday beginning to build my own website. i am on page 2 of approx. 5 pages that will make up the site.

    and i have two deadlines looming early next week. and mr. mantissa works 6 days a week at his new construction foreman’s job … and they are looooong days. and so, i am also molly maid in my non-existent spare time. so … that’s why i have not been around.

    i suppose everyone is doing the same thing – racing against time and losing? missing everyone … anyone.

  2. What a powerful mind you have, Mrs. Mantissa.

    This concept is a thoughtful one. It makes the intangible concept of reading another’s aura into a scientific fact. I especially found it interesting that you recognize and help your readers define that tremdous iceburg of communication, how it’s bulk lies beneath the surface. You have atypical percetions, and boy, do you know how to use them.

    And look! You teach us to use them, as well. Be well and hope your hectic scheduale allows you to take a breather.

    Peace out.

  3. i thank you eric for your kind words. i will make some time this week to visit my favourite blogs ~ you will be among them.

    it took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to figure this out. i hope to turn on the light for some others and save them some anguish … maybe that’s possible.

    i really also think people could make more of an effort, just generally, to understand themselves and others around them. as opposed to charging head on without contemplating. we’re in such a hurry, as a society ~ that works against us.

  4. I like this. Many people don’t understand their role in creating conflict, precisely because they are unaware of their motivations, or if they are they downplay them.

    Perhaps this is why when some people try to help, they screw things up worse, or aggravate the person they’re trying to help.

    Regarding your first comment, you seem to be rather busy. Good luck to Mr. Mantissa in his new job.

    And best of luck to you. Molly Maid isn’t a role I like to play, myself.

  5. Thinkin’ on ya’ pumpkin….best ter Mr. Red….cain’t wait ter see yore ownw pages…but waht do that mean? AIn’t these heah yore pages?

  6. bloody hell red! grrrherhaha whatta comment you left me. i will have to study and probably plagerize some scholar to reply to your level. youre so quick! and while youre so busy too. well, im impressed if not scrambling. grrherhaha

    but….before i leave some RED MEAT here i have to tell you…that aurora you posted? its the heart of a blackbird i painted….its stuck…ie the painting’s not finished but still the same exact aurora. insane symmetry red. im going to send you a jpeg of it tomorrow so you know it is true…theres no way i could have painted that overnight.

    playing well with others. i like it! i totally agree about the ego…i think that is the critical problem in the USA…its all about me and what have you done for me lately and when are MY needs going to be met and f*ck you if you get in my way. grrerha

    on #3 i catch myself closing off by crossing my arms….and when i assume the power stance…er, look out. grrrherha. see? look at the story…its all about me

    number 4 in reflect and react is killer. i might write that down. by the way i have a behavior mod cheat sheet i actually have referred to at times before i speak. wanna know what #1 is?

    shut up!

    #2 is stop cussing. AYFKM??? grrrherhahaha

    i love ya girl youre too damn smart. xoxoxox

  7. oh and congrats to the wolf and his new gig! looking might sunny! yay!

  8. she ~ send me the picture … that’s interesting. yeah, that number 4 – its quite a revelation, huh?

    the longer i live, the dumber i feel, y’know?


  9. AB ~ this here blog will always be a spot of mine. but, i am right now also creating a professional-type website, in anticipation of ‘going pro’ with all the web design stuff.

    x-dell ~ so true. re: people trying to help … i suppose its what the person “in need” perceives to need (maybe nothing?) … as opposed to what we superimpose onto him as needing. that sounds convoluted … (coz i’pulled an allnighter las night) – but i think you get it.

    when i hafta become molly maid, i grumble a teensy bit. ah well, so it is.

    i have a little breather, since i met my deadlines early (yeay for me!) … i will try to get to all the blogs i haven’t gone to lately tomorrow – tuesday.

    peace out, my little ducklings … grrrherherhahahaheeeeeeeeee

  10. “remember desired outcomes for the situation do not necessarily equal desired outcomes for your ego”


    “we begin to lose interest when we feel undervalued”

    Those 2 things stung. I’m definitely “Aware”- sometimes painfully so- but not always of course.

    I had an interesting morning- and ended up reading a bunch of quotes by Buddha- I think I could find a quote for every bullet you posted here.

    I printed this post off so I could have a hard copy and I’m taking it with me to the coast this weekend- thank you ❤

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