manifesations of visceral intuition?

… No words here … just visual thoughts ~like those below. Expand the post for some eye-candy … it may also serve as soul-candy, if you get my poetic visuals. (this blog’s header, btw, seems to me the most poetic visual of all …)

(Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the pic ~ the images are large, and may take some time to load in your screen, but the tiny little wait will seem well worth it, I think)


~ by frizzyscissorhands on September 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “manifesations of visceral intuition?”

  1. wow, visual eye candy!
    just what my tired eyes needed to perk up. i love how you layered all those colors and textures. you are very good at manipulating the media, mantissa.

    btw., that german stuff that you said your hubby was reading reads like a bunch of legalese…
    is he reading a court case?

    Hochdeutsch might sound stuffy, but, oh, the many German dialects from the pfaelzisch (which i can speak), bayrisch, etc. etc…..
    and each of those dialects has their regional peculiarities….

    but, Schweitzerdeutsch definitely has it’s charms.

    oh, and my mother’s recovery is hobbling along. they are getting her out of bed and helping her to a chair and back, but she really can’t support herself at all yet.
    she will probably be dismissed monday or tuesday into a rehab center. well, it’s a nursing home with a fully equiped rehab center for temporary guests.

    i bet you can’t guess who….

  2. hi foamy ~ nice to hear about your mum.

    yes, i noticed that even about swiss german ~ each region has its own distinct dialect. mr. mantissa, when he lived in CH, used to be able to tell from what valley/area a person came just based on their accent. its like that anywhere, i suppose.

    yeah ~ its a disposition document that we got from the passing of an old, unknown swiss relative; swiss law there mandates that heirs get a 1/3 share of the estate of the deceased … and so each of the heirs (regardless of where they are in the world) gets a copy of the will, blah blah. imagine how many descendents a 92 y.o. woman has! haha.

    mr. mantissa’s learning language was french, and his home language ‘bernese’ … so reading high german legalese is not his favourite evening activity! grrrrhereherhaha.

    thanx … about the images. i think i need a job as a graphic designer ~ something that pays me to do photoshop all day long!

  3. You amaze me.

  4. And what delicious eye candy it is.

    Thank you for posting thes pictures of pure, fantastic imagination. I especially liked the ghostly horse.

    Talk to you later,
    peace out

  5. enemy ~ back acha

    eric ~ thx … its actually a ghostly afghan hound (our dog died a year ago, he looked like the dog in that piece) … i made that for my son, (whose starting blogging) ~ he was not there when our dog died.

  6. Eye candy seems to be a good discription, actually, for they don’t evoke a sense of communication (to me at least) as they do a nice composition of things thar are fun to look at.

  7. hey x-dell ~

    so … the news has it that you guys in nyc have a visitor … interesting? personally, i think its a lot of ado about nothing.

    about the eye candy ~ every image tells a story … only some are more hidden than others, i think.

    about the subway suicide (previous post) ~ they called it a ‘medical emergency involving the coroner’s office’ … harhar. like, we’re all retards and have no CLUE what they mean … DUH! should i just change my name to homer simpson now, or maybe wait a day or two? grrrrhereherhaha

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