one, two, three, four …

one two three four – feist

Just a little laid back fun on a Saturday afternoon. Sorry to those of you who may feel utterly sick of this song ~ I kinda like it. Expand the post to catch a glimpse of my scarf ~ mayden made it for me, and it looks like a giant, bright pink ribbon.

I will return comments to previous posts a little later ~ I just wanted to get this post up, first.

About pink ~ muted anger, a diluted red. The colour of flowers, associated with femininity. Also associated with the GBLT movement (we have quite a pink economy here in Vancouver) ~ perhaps, a hold-over from the days when the Nazis made gays wear the pink triangle? That’s what I’ve heard, anyhow. The Catholic church considers pink a symbol of joy and hope (they light a pink candle, not a purple one, for the third week of Advent).

Pink makes me think of little girls, bubble gum, sunsets, sunrises, and sunburns. Most importantly, pink makes me think of breasts ~ as in breast cancer. The world has designated October breast cancer awareness month. Become aware. Anyone can get it ~ not just those with a familial history. Men can get it, not just women. And … not everyone who receives a diagnosis will receive a reprieve/remission … i.e. not everyone will live. Think pink this month. And if you know a woman with breast cancer, take the time to tell her she’s beautiful … coz she probably feels anything but beautiful!

Thanx mayden for my beautiful scarf. And thanx, mr. mantissa, for taking that picture. Of course, I couldn’t resist photo-chopping it! Yes, that’s me ~ looking sort of one-dimensional ~ can’t really tell where my curves are … but they’re there … hidden under the scarf! Grrrrrrherherherhahaha.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on September 29, 2007.

10 Responses to “one, two, three, four …”

  1. I’m so glad you like it.
    I could have gone with Red- and maybe I will later this year- when it’s finally cold here πŸ™‚ I guess the thing I like best about this color of pink is that- to me- it is fun.
    And it’s joyful. It’s not the soft shade of pink for a baby- it’s bold, and bright, feminine- yet strong. The Black yarn reinforces that. If I had gone with white as the 2nd color I would have ended up with a very different look.

    Sigh- Breast Cancer- I have a deep lurking fear of it. I had my first mammogram (sp?) at the age of 33- the scans were clear as mud.

    I worked in the Bone Marrow Transplant Program at Duke for 4 years- we saw hundreds of cases of Breast ca. Many died because they were stage 4 and this was their last hope.
    Stem cell transplant, which was becoming the primary therapy when I left, was more effective (overall) than bone marrow transplant for breast ca patients.
    I’m sure you already knew that though πŸ™‚

    Hugs friend- I am going to copy your description of the header and put it in a side bar- I love what you said there-
    I need to re-read your last post and comment, but I’m thinking of you…just wanted you to know.


  2. For some reason I can not leave a comment on your other post (and the page keeps loading in a queer way- sometimes it loads everything, and other times only your most recent post) anyway…

    About the missing husband issue-
    The fear of losing him or of him not returning is utterly valid in your case. You have reason to fear because of his past actions.
    Losing him, in any way, will profoundly alter your life. It is not unreasonable that you were angry, or afraid, or felt sick- or that you even chopped up the smokes- (which I smiled at πŸ™‚

    The only person who was unreasonable here (and I say this with compassion) was your husband.
    Having said that…I would also add that I think he is seeking something. Or- why is he running? What is he running from? What is he avoiding? (I’m not looking for you to answer those questions out loud).
    The fact that he was truthful about where he was is a good sign- I think…even though what he was doing is very dangerous.

    It’s so difficult when we have woven our lives (or knitted?) into something, and one of the main strands starts to deteriorate. Every strand is bound to another. Every loop is interconnected. The whole garment unravels easily and quickly if one length of yarn loses it’s place or comes untied.

    The “awareness” that you speak of- goes very deep. Peace is what you want…to trust your husband not to do something that will endanger him, or you, but he already has. Yes, we all make mistakes, but there is the line between a making a mistake and intentionally putting ourselves in harms way.

    I wish you the best as you both work though this. I feel like you have things sorted out…but your husband seems like he’s wandering in the dark- I hope he finds illumination soon~

  3. Little girls wearing the colors of muted anger? Interesting to think of.

    I got a blue Cora scarf, but I could get into the pink one, actually. Both are very nice.

  4. Cora, it’s not comming through on Internet Explorer. It’s viewable on Firefox, if you have it.

  5. Red would have worked too ~ i love red … also, it was the very favourite colour of mr. mantissa’s late mother, so in that sense it has a supernatural quality for me. yes, the black works well. better than the white, i think.

    what’d you do, exactly? that must have been interesting. i saw many that were well on their way to death too, when i nursed ca patients.

    yeah ~ firefox works better to browse blogger.

    about the stray wolf ~ i joked with him that, when our son (who’s 21) doesn’t come home, i never feel worried about his safety; i know he can look after himself and stay outta trouble. but … when he (mr. mantissa) is late, then i worry … he’s always the one i worry about.

    he gets it ~ the fact that i called the police to look for him sobered him a little i think.

    x-dell ~ yeah, the muted anger and the association to femininity, that’s interesting. what sort of blue is your scarf?

  6. It’s a charming scarf that stridently speaks of feminine qualites!

    You could wear it most of the year, since it doesn’t look particularily heavy, too.

    Hope you had a great weekend! And the book covers are all wonderful, but I really dug the close up view of Eye of the Storm. Shop it by our litterary friends–they’ll agree, I’m sure.

    And yes, I know will go right now and tell someone in know with breats cancer how beautiful she is. She hears it every day, but it never hurts to be thorough.

  7. I meant, “yes, I now will go and tell someone who I know who has breast cancer how beautiful she is.”

    I don’t type very well (an irony for a writer), so I spend most of my time looking down at the keyboard… bad habits… you know…

  8. yes, that’s a great scarf that cora has knit for you. i like the pink and black. until you mentioned it i never thought of pink as being associated with muted anger. but particular types of hot pink can be kind of aggresive and bold. so, i get it.

    x. in pink? hmmmmmmm….why, i’m knitting a hot pink scarf that my men folk have declined when i’ve offered it to them… lol.

  9. It’s a dark, masculine blue. Not quite navy, but deep.

  10. hey y’all ~ yes the scarf is luverly. i wear it everyday. love it.

    x-dell, is it a steely blue? is it “speckled and fluffy” like mine? the pink might go well on you … i might dare mr. mantissa to wear it sometime.

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