a heart glows in the misty darkness

thanx to the dearest k9 i know, i find myself listening to 12 byzantine rulers. très interessant! really. i’ve downloaded the full series of podcasts via itunes, but the computer i’m using now does not have itunes … so there’s an alternate link site. i’ll stop being delinquent and return previous comments and write emails. for now … expand the post to see what’s on my mind today.

HINT: its visual ….


For all the time we are apart
I’ll light a candle
In my heart


~ by frizzyscissorhands on October 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “a heart glows in the misty darkness”

  1. cool photoshop skills.
    and you really can’t tell that it’s cropped .
    sometimes images say it all. ..

  2. You are amazingly gifted in the arena of electronic art.

    I love the details you work into everythng. I wish I could do that. Then I would have no problem completing my dream–a book of poems with a unique photograph or image with each poem–much like I already do at my blog, only better.

  3. foam ~ thanx. yup … mostly, its in the image, isn’t it? i could do this for a living … life is just one big design project.

    eric ~ thanx! i have loved it for the better part of 20 years ~ like, b4 the invention of windows … when corel draw was just getting started and photoshop was for pros only. i love photo-chopping … love it. interpretive work is the best …

    i will return previous comments to posts later on today.

    i really wanted to get everyone onto the awesome world of podcasts. i have discovered a few more ~ agatha christie’s radio mysteriesancient and medieval historyclassic tales … and here’s the actual website to the 12 byzantine rulers podcast

    yikes! know what? i’ve erased most of the music on my ipod nano (except for sarah harmer, blue rodeo and tom petty) to make room for more podcasts! i am so far up to part 6 of the byzantine series.

  4. hardcore history … OMFG ~ this guy rocks! history buffs, political buffs, people that like to hear history analyzed … listen to this guy! THE BEST! i.e. just listened to his podcast comparing alexander the great and hitler. and now listening to comparison between western vs eastern approach to war, fighting, battle. way interesting!

  5. wow–thas’ some header–gracious.

    Now I gotta check them byzantines…

  6. hey aunty ~ how goes it? the byzantine podcasts are great. hardcore history is awesome too, like, way awesome. check it. they guy why does that one doesn’t just describe what happened, he uses it as a backdrop to make his observations, analyses, etc.

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