thru a looking glass

Do you know the story of Thru The Looking Glass? Its Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Alice In Wonderland. In Thru The Looking Glass, Alice ponders the world that lies beyond the looking glass ~ on the other side of the mirror. Alice finds a book of poetry, Jabberwocky, which she can only read thru a looking glass. Alice then finds herself in a garden of talking flowers. And her adventure on the other side of the looking glass begins.

Well, look at this child’s smile. Can you see the delight of Wonderland glowing in his smile? Can you see it? I can. I see the wonderment of a child’s discovery in that smile. And it reminds me that children develop their sense of self, their sense of reality, their sense of the world around them, through the looking glass that all these wonders provide. Anyone who’s take a sociology course likely has come across the looking-glass self concept. This choppy made me think of that, when I looked at it for the first time, after its completion.

Annnnyyyyywaaaaays … This photochoppy occurred by sheer accident … sort of like the type of fluke accident that led to the discovery of Penicillin. Just one of those times, when you do something inadvertently, something you didn’t intend to do … and it happens to turn our perfectly! Its a happy photochoppy … and the child is my GF’s child ~ turns 6 months old today, yeaaaay ~ and he is such a lovely little critter, so that’s why its here, in this blog, on this day.

Expand the post to read a little of Lewis Carroll’s lyrical poetry

Children yet, the tale to hear,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Lovingly shall nestle near.

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream —
Lingering in the golden gleam —
Life what is it but a dream?
~ lewis carroll ~


~ by frizzyscissorhands on October 24, 2007.

14 Responses to “thru a looking glass”

  1. the wonder of a child.
    looking at the world ..
    no bias, no prejudice..
    initially no fear..
    all other perceptions are learned.

  2. The photochoppy was very clever–you picked a perfect picture to do it with. The wonder in that childs eyes is as evident as the sun during it’s morning rise.

    And the poem was positively splendiforous.

  3. foam ~ that’s the wonder and joy and observing a child’s wonder. how unadulterated it seems, initially. and that’s the sadness of parenting ~ how we have so very much power and influence to inject such poison into their lovely, malleable psyches.

    thanx,, foam, for thinking of me often and coming by. i felt you in spirit.

    eric ~ thanx. i love this one. i made this on my son’s birthday. it filled me with a happy feeling. this is the first year that i have felt joy, rather than sadness, on that day.

    to all ~ it feels like and looks like roxanne might actually be emerging from the woodshed! i will work my way thru the comments of previous posts today. thanx to all who came and posted ~ i felt you all in spirit.

  4. i like it! i may be the only person on earth who has never read any lewis g carroll! im suing the school board. grrherhaha

  5. hey girl … thanx for coming to look a this. it’s sweet, ain’t it? i’ve impressed myself … haha. the baby is actually the son of a GF of mine. he’s a lovely critter, ain’t he?

    ps. there are 2 of you … the wolf has not, either.

  6. That kid looks as though he’s about to suck in everything else in the picture. So it’s cute and funny.

    Btw, the walrus was Paul, not me. I’m not even the eggman. I’m more like the red queen.

  7. hey x-dell ~ his expression just makes it.

    hey, i’m not the walrus neither. i feel like alice most of the time … or like some eccentric day tripper, lol.


  8. heeeeeeey…i see the drawing K9 did in that flash! you still have it??? im smiling.

  9. yup. still got it. never threw it out. always kept the jpeg. and somewhere, in a box, with all my other framed pics, i have the original, framed and matted. i really should rescue it from the closet … 🙂

    gotta love that flash program. OMG. too much fucking fun.

  10. My great-grandmother was a Lewis Caroll freak! She kept scrapbooks of any reference to Lewis Caroll, many of them political satire. I’m not sure why, but anyway, its really cool. Can I ask you something? Am I to understand that you are in school? What are you taking? Are you becoming a graphic artist or a web designer?

  11. hey BBE ~ yes, a student. i’m just finishing a web design course. i believe i really was born to be a graphic artist/designer, tho.

    lewis carroll ~ much of what he wrote, apparently, was religious and/or political satire.

  12. I’m changing careers and it’s something that I was considering. Do you think the market is getting saturated? It’s one of the things I was considering. Of course, I probably don’t love it the way you do.

  13. bbe ~ here the market is not saturated … there is so much demand for web developers, designers and game developers. i love graphic design and html and making flash videos. i have loved graphic design for 20 years, since the first time i ever used a computer. and i have always had this artistic flare for drawing etc since early childhood. for me, its a natural fit.

    best wishes with your decision and change. its a challenge, but worth it if you hate what you’re doing.

    to all ~ i have ret’d all previous comments, in case you wonder. also, i have made slight improvements to my flash video – the cartoon and the dead birds. basically, now the modifed versions play on once. and each has a button for replay. i’ll re-upload them to divshare and post the new links in my chopping block.

  14. WOW!!! What has happened here? I haven’t been much blogging and it’s been sometime is was here. Your blog looks so great! And very fascinaitng posts. I must come back!

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