a day for ghoul’s & goblins?

happy hallowe’en!

~ by frizzyscissorhands on October 31, 2007.

10 Responses to “a day for ghoul’s & goblins?”

  1. gotta love the leaf brush! nice photochoppy grrrrrrl and happy halloween..i actually kick in tomorrow and friday for el dia de los muertos….only i cannot build an altar this year i might be able to get out and see some. yay!!

  2. Happy Halloween to you too. Don’t eat all your candy at once, though.

  3. she ~ take care of that c-spine, pup. i sent you some snail mail – didja get it yet?

    x-dell ~ thanx. i’ll be smoking my candy … hahahahaha.

  4. hey y’all … check out the new header @ “my design portfolio” blog. way cool.

  5. boo!

  6. Belated Halloween wishes! I got my Halloween post up in the nick of time–with an hour to spare!

  7. foamy, hey.

    eric … hard to believe its already november, huh?

  8. I wish I had some candy to smoke. Can you send me any?

  9. i got it ! i got it!!! yay. thank you. very thoughtful of you red! and everyone loves to get snail mail. i finally got to my studio yesterday for the first time. oh it felt so good.
    you’ve been scare on the blogs…must be buried in creative enterprise
    i like “bacardi” the dane! cool lookin dog.have a good weekend

  10. yeah, cool dog. yeah, i’ve been a stranger, i know … learning dreamweaver … building my web site … blah blah. glad you got the snail mail. there’s another one you should get soon …

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