leaving the country …

yes …
you read that correctly.
we are leaving the country ~
moving to the uk.
we will settle in somerset.
we are planning to leave canada
as of january.

ain’t i full of surprises?


~ by frizzyscissorhands on December 4, 2007.

7 Responses to “leaving the country …”

  1. Oh My goodness!!!
    wow, wow, wow…

    I’ve thought of you many times over the last 7 days- I want to write that post- but I’m simply drained with all the sh@t on me at the moment.

    I’ll be swamped tomorrow at my mom’s (the divorce is now final 😦
    I’ll be decorating her home tomorrow. It’s the first time in almost 20 years that I’ve done any decorating with mom…
    pray for me… that I won’t cry while I’m there-

    I hope this move will be a good one for you- one in the right direction, a move of life and love- and growth and health.

    Hugs- I wish you the best ♥

  2. howdy

    school will be over in less than 2 weeks

    sorry i have been neglecting you.
    migraines have receded for a full week now, i have hope!!

    so i want to mail you stuff, but here you are moving again….

    you should go find ardlair and move into his castle with him! (and lupin)

    is your son staying in Vancouver?

    come comment on my sucky ways if you are bored, no more dead birdies….

    love to you, think of you very often,

    big ol brain girl

    exam in 10 hours, must try to sleep so as to study in the wee a.m.

    night night

  3. hi i just left you a comment but blogger ate it….

    miss you

  4. AH

    I see now, I must first seek approval….

    do you approve of me?


  5. mayden ~ its not an end, but a beginning. a new challenge for you and your parents. godspeed. what a difficult time of the year to face such a thing … for your mum and your dad, too.

    i am excited about this move. a little stressed out and quite emotionally drained/frail … but really looking forward to europe.

    infini ~ i’m here til mid january for sure. mail the stuff soon, if not … i will give you the new address sometime down the road.

    comment moderation off … i had it on for awhile about a month or 6 weeks ago. not necessary anymore, since i don’t frequent the controversial circles these days.

    my son will be staying here. he will take over the flat.

  6. i’ll send energy vibes your way. you’ll need all you can catch.
    moving is stressful and tiring. moving overseas is even more stressful and tiring. i know..
    i’ve been back and forth plenty of times.

  7. foam …

    yes … everything will be different. i will be positively spent by the time i get there. still, it will be worth it. i’m told we’ll be approx. one hour or so from stonehenge. and … of course, its just a day trip to the continent.

    and i will be treated like a princess from the moment i get there … i can hardly wait. it cannot come fast enough.

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