why does the Mona Lisa smile?

when i watched him walk out of view, past the checkpoint and into the secure area, i felt myself wilt. all the air ~ sucked out of my lungs. i now faced a full 8 weeks without him ~ my pillar. i kept his shirt, last worn next to his skin … and when i wear it, his scent embraces me. i look at his pictures … and i marvel at how very much of him the camera’s simple image failed to capture in its pixels. and i marvel how how very much of him he left with me. in the still of the night, my heart beats a lonely beat … in search of its mate.

i know why the Mona Lisa smiles. i’ll never tell, though.
here are some pics [from flickr] of where we’re going.

train station @ crewkerne

a path in the woods

i am exhausted, spent, a virtual emotionally frail wreck. i ache for someone i love. i swell in anticipation of seeing that someone very soon … and of beginning life again. i can hardly wait to get away from all this … particularly from north america and its disappointing human culture. particularly, i can hardly wait to put more distance between myself and the usa. i think to get away from the gun-toting revenge seeking christian empire will feel very good, indeed.

every place has its flaws and faults and drawbacks. some more than others.

how many homeless junkies are there in somerset?
how many panhandlers?
how many rude old chinese men that spit onto the sidewalk?
how many gangs warring over themselves?

one more question … ARE WE THERE YET?


~ by frizzyscissorhands on December 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “why does the Mona Lisa smile?”

  1. it’s hard to spend several weeks without your loved one…i know…been there…
    esp. when the brunt of the move seems to fall on you. good luck with everything. i hope this move fulfills everything you are hoping for. ..and i would say that i’ll miss you….
    except you’ll hopefully continue blogging?

    ps: and i do love you new blog look.

  2. god red…dont hold back. grrrerhahahah. putting some space between you and us gun toting revenge seeking….wow girl, tell us how you really feel. grrherhaha
    i have to say that path in the woods is the kind of path i like best. im excited for you! and i look forward to reading about your new adventures in your new life. stay in touch even though i know you will be so busy packing. drag its all on you….some things never change? go red!!

    -she/K9 on a clunky dell in desperation grrrrrrrrrrr! in the woods though so its a draw on the weekend. grrrerhahahaha

  3. Mona Lisa smiles because you purpled the path.

    I liked it and the drops on the message.
    The bridge was cool, but for some reason, whenever I see bridges like that I think of hobbit homes and how I want to build a couple in the backyard for kids to play in when their parents are over visiting.
    Alas, I know that’ll not happen soon. Not for the cost of the materials, though. But because few folks bring their children over anymore. Not since the dogs started eating them.

    (not really)

  4. foam ~ i know you get it. thanx. yeah – the blog, its my way of starting to just get simple, again.

    she ~ i won’t hold back. not much packing to do … the kid will inherit most everything, except our clothes and few trinkets. sucks to be you on a dell … peeeeeewww.

    boneman ~ something like that. yes, the path looks oversaturated just a bit, doesn’t it? sorta quaint, tho.

    doncha just hate when the family dog eats the guests children? awkward …

  5. oh and of course i’ll still blog. i’ll have more interesting stuff to blog about … and pics, too.

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