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I took this pic just near the caravan park where we stayed this past weekend. I know … I know … but, hey, I think cows are pretty cute. So … there!

This pic I took near a great stone wall that stands just outside the caravan park. Its from a pillar-type post box, it has no collection times on it, and there is a newer post box next to it, with collection times and with the ERII insignia on it. Clearly, they left this post box standing because of its historical significance. If you google Edward the Seventh you will find out that he lived from 1841 to 1910 and that he succeeded VR to the throne. Now how’s that for some history?

Taken not too far from the caravan park. The name of the neighbouring village is Martock. It was a clear crisp Sunday morning and the sun shone some lovely hues of golden yellow. This is so typical of how the lovely English countryside.

This is the fabulous, old stone house that sits near the creek in the previous picture.

I think this is sunrise … but it could also be sunset. Anyway, its taken at the caravan park where we stayed this past weekend.

Now this, I know for sure is a sunset. Also taken at the caravan park where we stayed this past weekend. The sky just exploded in a bouquet of pinks, mauves and even a touch of orange.

The pilot hates to have his picture taken. But he does indulge me for a second or two, here and there. I can’t help but take pictures of him though … ;^D

Ok. so … there you have a few more pics … I feel like I hardly have spent any time here, but I gotta go already. Incidentally, I am wearing a knitted wool sweater that was made by Mark and Martin’s mum 35 years ago. I wonder sometimes, if, when she made this sweater, she ever imagined that Mark would cherish it and keep it for so long. What a treasure … a real treasure. It seems the things which that woman made are quite something … they knock my sox off, if you know what I mean.

ta ta …


~ by frizzyscissorhands on January 29, 2008.

15 Responses to “this and that”

  1. Roxanne, I posted a comment yesterday but either I pushed the wrong button or the comments aren’t working.

    Anyway, lovely cows and enchanting Eddie mailbox.

    Cheery o’, ta ta and all that.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I’m wondering: does anyone really use the older mailbox? Or the newer one for that matter? Whatever. It’s beautiful, and expressive of an older time when people celebrated both craft and function.

    BTW, the pilot looks like a man who hates having his picture taken. That scowl says it all.

    I had an old quilt made by women in my mom’s family back in the 1940s. It lasted until my graduate school years, and I treasured it, just like you did your sweater. I probably didn’t take as good of care of it as I should have, however, for I’m a guy. Rough and tumble, snips and snails, and all that.

  3. Beautiful…
    I hope (and I’m sure I will) get to see the English (and Irish) country side one day.

    Hugs- so much to do…so little time!

  4. piktor ~ the countryside here is so quaint … as in we’re driving in the middle of bloody nowhere and there suddenly appears one of the famous red phone boxes … in the middle of farm country … quaint … and strange … and a throwback to history no doubt. ~ i wonder that myself … about the mail boxes. right you are about the pilot … but that just makes my quest all that much more interesting … now its become a hunt, you see. silly pilot ~ he just doesn’t know …

    cora ~ i have barely seen the countryside here ~ i’m told what i see barely is the tip of the iceberg … but its lovely. i’m told we will see southern ireland soon … i can hardly wait. yesterday we went to a place called Lyme Regis. if you look it up on a map you will see why it was such an amazing place. will make a blog post with pictures soon.

  5. Mantissa, I have the funny feeling Miss Marple will catch up with you and whack you with her umbrella.

    The serious business of life is neither quaint nor idyllic. God’s and Queen’s country is as is and as should be. Not more and certainly nothing less.

    The mailbox will remain. We like it like that.

    Ta ta, and all that..

  6. piktor ~ sometimes i swear i have seen miss marple … haha.

  7. Has someone called you guv’ness yet?

    Is the pound still called like that or does everybody say “quid” now.

  8. Oh, I forgot you’re o’there:

    Ta ta!

  9. Hot from the oven::Hillary Miranda

  10. hope all is well with you and yours over yonder ..
    the photos are lovely..

  11. hey all … i have been far too busy exploring the county of dorset, visiting the birthplace of thomas hardy, hanging out around the coast of the english channel … to blog. miss you all … when i doctor the many pics i have taken recently, and get some more time on the internet, i will post a few …

    love to all

  12. yay!! love the pix. miss you. glad you are living!!! happy VD grrrrrrrrrrrrl grrherhaha

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day Red!

    The pictures are lovely. I especially find the cottage really dreamy. Lucky you to be living in such a splendid place.

    I had been thinking of you and this move you made…wondering how different your life is right now. Do write more often…I miss the way you would pour out words into your have such a way with it.Oh’ and pictures too!..Your home…your garden..your surroundings…so interesting.

    I hope everything is moving right along…Take care and here’s hugs and kisses across the oceans.

  14. hey y’all … thanx for coming around. i am working on a new blog site … its taking me forever b/c i don’t have internet access yet … a few more days and we shall have it at home.

  15. I’ll be waiiiiting!!

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