Old World, New World

On the surface, the similarities shout out. The capitalist culture of the West. The language ~ English. The fashions. Skin colour. Etc. But … when one digs deep, into the viscera of this culture, one sees the gaping differences between old and new world. I must admit, the naive arrogance of many old world citizens irks me, to say the least. Many positive elements and intellects exist in the new world. And yes, many communities of the new world existed in the days of coach and horse.

However, the new world, being new, chooses NOT to reside in its cultural past. We, in the new world, do no wear the dubious glories of wars fought more than half a century ago on our chests and sleeves like the Grade A we brought home from school as children. No … we don’t. Why, because we value the new … the living history that we make as we live and breathe in the present … we forge ahead … with edifices that gleam and glint like the edge of a knife in the bright sun. We ~ the new world ~ place greater value on the present and the future, than on history and legacy. Sometimes at our peril, I must add. Sometimes. +/- expand post

The old world claims ownership of Per Ardua Ad Astra. Like, they have the market cornered on hardship and adversity. Excuse me, I understand from whence this emanates, but the pioneers of the new world indeed struggled through adversity to reach their own stars. Perhaps many of us do not know the experience of walking through the war graves in Normandy looking for past relatives that died in the great wars. Perhaps we have not lived the experience of having the house blown to smithereens during a bombing campaign of WW2. Perhaps we do not really know what it feels like to build a life and a world from the ashes of the past.

But, wait ….! What does pioneer mean? And to what, exactly, do we refer, when we speak of the pioneering spirit? Well, a simple dictionary entry provides definitions of pioneer such as: invent new thing … go into unexplored territory … a individual who goes ahead of the main group to construct things and pave the way. Recall the first time you had to perform a new, unfamiliar skill, or the first time you went visited a strange place. Did you experience some sort of adversity? Did it feel like inventing the wheel, so to speak? Likely. So … old world … new world. Vastly difference societies. Why? The former, has built itself upon countless military battles, upon adject loss of personal freedom and deprivation. The latter, has built itself on the spirit of the trailblazer, the pathfinder, the pioneer. Difference types of adversity. Both enable individuals to reach the stars.

Maybe its time for the old world to let go A LITTLE of the arrogance of heritage and battle fatigue that has its origins in a war that ended more than 6 decades ago. Maybe its time to look to the new world to carve the future into the present. And perhaps, the cheeky “new worlders” could embrace the enormous legacy of the old world. Just a thought.

I saw a young lamb yesterday. Several, actually, frolicking in a large meadow. Many older ewes dotted the landscape, there. But you know what caught my eye? The young ones … the vibrant, frolicking, young blood. Therein lies the path ahead, in all its glowing vibrancy. And … as Forrest Gump said …. ‘That’s all I got to say about that.’

Love to you all. I love the UK and its people. But it/they need(s) lessons in road/traffic engineering. Seriously.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on February 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Old World, New World”

  1. Red…

    It’s you….

    The words..the style..

    And how interesting your experience of both the Old and New is…Such a lesson for me….

    I look forward to reading more..

    Take care..

  2. Said by the horse’s mouth!

    Get your hands on this thought magician:~Barbellion

  3. luxie ~ it feels good to write here … to write. i have tried ~and succeeded in small ways ~ to write by long hand. oh it’s hard … so hard to write that way, writing with one’s hand … its so very visceral. and that is a frighteningly paralyzing experience.

    piktor ~ i will … i am a pupil of life … love to learn new things, thoughts, and legacies. people … living and dead, interest me most.

  4. …having grown up in germany i get this post..

  5. foamy ~ i thought you would. i have just finished reading a novel called The Book Thief … it got me to thinking about you. If you ever come across that book, you will see why.

  6. the book thief ..
    i’m gonna look into it..

    hope you are well. xoxo

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