When I watched him walk out of view, past the checkpoint and into the secure area, I felt myself wilt. All the air ~ sucked out of my lungs. I now faced a full eight weeks without him ~ my beloved pilot. I kept his shirt, last worn next to his skin … and when I wear it, his scent embraces me. I look at his pictures … and I marvel at how very much of him the camera’s simple image failed to capture in its pixels. And I marvel at how very much of him he left with me.

In the still of the night, my heart beats a lonely beat … in search of its mate. I know why the Mona Lisa smiles, but I can never tell. Perhaps, one day, my heart will tell the tale. I smile, as tender thoughts of my Pilot trickle across my psyche, yet, a hungry ache possesses that gaping hole in my chest where my heart once sat. I study my reflection in the mirror, and say to that figure, ‘Well, on your bike, girl. You’re on your own, now.’ Hope, despair, purpose ~ these three would have to get her through the next two months. Hope, peaking behind the tears in her chocolate-coloured eyes. Despair, etched into the lines on her face and folded into her viscera like a sort of necrosis. Purpose, held in the grip of her tightly clenched jaw.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on June 18, 2008.

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