Still …

I love Him still. Dear reader, that does not always suffice. Particularly when one loves at the very fringes of madness … and perhaps, beyond. My heart insists we have not seen the end … only just an interlude … a harsh lesson love must teach its feeble pupils. His extreme dichotomous nature confounds me … saddens me … frightens me … enrages me. Jeckyl and Hyde. Eventually Hyde destroyed, devoured, dissolved Jeckyl. How can I save my dearest Jeckyl?

I have come to see that the tinest, most benign-looking flaw can prove quite noxious … can grow into the gravest of infections. The location of the flaw ~ not merely its size ~ determines the scale and intensity of destruction and devastation wreaked upon hearts and spirits. Learning ~ that’s what we call this. It leaves a bitter taste on my tongue. But … it works.


~ by frizzyscissorhands on August 22, 2008.

One Response to “Still …”

  1. My Hyde destroyed my Jeckyl…
    Intense post.. very inquisitive yet truly enlightening…

    I love your blog!
    Keep writing… I’ll definitely be reading!

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