first day of … just me …

… feels weird …


~ by frizzyscissorhands on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “first day of … just me …”

  1. I am stupid….hi. How ya doing?
    Reading the four posts of note below brought my mouth here to say…entry #1 singing of freedom.
    Ah, but, is it freedom we really want?
    Freedom also consists of lonliness, eh?

    well, I dunno.
    I asked myself that very question over twenty years before…
    Is it over?
    I kept myself from other women, guarded away from their clutches…
    waiting for the call from ‘her’
    And oh, what a brag I had to hand her.
    What a marvelous offering because she had always told me about her jealousy…
    I have not strayed
    I would say.

    she never called.
    Not until the daughter was graduated from high school.
    And then, only for extra moneies.

    Oh heart, how could I have been so blind?

    And then to find out why she kicked me out in the first place…
    because I snuck down to help my brother clean up his house for selling….

    #3 had the five points, all well said.
    None any easier to live, but
    well sauid.
    we own our emotions?
    If only.

    Pain will wash through you, carry your broken dreams and body to the rocks where it will thrust you utterly into them

    and it will hurt even more.

    We can offer only what our selves are, but, I dare say, there is no ‘owning’ the emotions.

    Aty least from m,y perspective.

    Then again….
    I’m so




    I hope you better.
    Find love now…


  2. by the way….I fully realize i could get ‘stepped on’ for that long comment.
    But, friends being friends is what drives me on.

    And, I like to think of you as a friend.

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